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Tactical packages are gameplay enhancements featured in Halo 4.[1]


Tactical packages are software updates for the MJOLNIR [GEN2] armor that increase a Spartan's combat readiness and responsiveness. They can be accessed through each loadout either before a match is started or during a player's respawn time.

List of packages[edit]

Package Gameplay effect Fiction
Mobility Allows the player to use sprint indefinitely. Allows Spartans to modify and bypass muscle control actuators, which allow Spartans high-intensity mobility without severely damaging their bodies. This allows users to gain unprecedented sprinting stamina at their own discretion.[1]
Shielding Boosts the player's shield recharge rate. This package overrides player traits, setting their shield recharge rate to 200%, and their shield recharge wait to 6 seconds. Reinforces energy shield emitters by means of a modifying bypass of standard performance regulators, allowing a higher shield-recharge rate after taking damage.[1]
Resupply Allows the recovery of grenades from fallen allies and enemies. Allows Spartans to recover grenades from the armor of dead soldiers by means of a software patch to the suit's magnetic hardpoint configuration. Equipment recovery personnel and post-combat recon teams deployed in enemy-held locations, where acquiring matériel from allies and foes alike is a necessity, tend to use this package.[1]
AA Efficiency Increases the recharge rate of armor abilities by 100%. Disables shortwave system regulators, generating more power to recharge armor abilities faster. This package is favored by Spartans who are involved in asymmetric engagement roles as an ad hoc combat modifier, which provided a short term advantage.[1]
Grenadier Increases the player's grenade-carrying capacity by +1. Restructures the standard magnetic hardpoints on the user's suit system, effectively increasing the total grenade capacity for all personnel. The package affects both domestic and exotic grenades, including Covenant and Forerunner ones, per compatibility regulations.[1]
Firepower Allows the player to carry two primary weapons simultaneously. Alternates redundant magnetic streams on the back of the GEN2 armor, overriding regulated load out limitations and allowing a Spartan to carry two primary weapons simultaneously. This package is considered imperative for Spartans who prefer longer-ranged or heavier firepower over close-range speed and versatility.[1]
Fast Track Allows the player to advance in rank 20% more quickly. Maintained by installing a modular evaluation device, Fast Track allows users to gather and analyze more experiential data from every combat encounter they have. This package impacts the user's ability to advance in rank, shortening the time in between promotions. Effectively, it allows an increased experience gain.[1]
Requisition Lets players request new choices when an ordnance drop has been granted. It works in modes where personal ordnance is allowed. Installs a hardline channel system. This allows a Spartan to request alternate selections of tools or weapons during ordnance drops. This package is very useful when it comes to ordnance versatility by offering more choices on the battlefield.[1]
Wheelman Vehicles the player is driving have 50% less health stun time, recharge health 50% faster, and the effects of EMPs are mitigated 50% faster. Connects the user to machine controller systems via a cross-networked driver component fixed to the suit's frame. This improves the long durability of any vehicle in combat and mitigates some of the effective effects of EMP discharges.[1]
Resistor Allows the player to maintain their full mobility and dexterity while taking incoming fire.[2] N/A


  • The Resistor tactical package was included as part of the Champions Bundle, released in August 2013. As such, it is not available in the original game's Spartan Ops. If a player has it equipped in their loadout, it will automatically revert back to "None".
  • Resistor did not not appear in Halo: The Master Chief Collection from launch in 2014 until it was added with the December 2022 update. Unlike the original game, it can be used in Spartan Ops.



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