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All the icons of the Support Upgrades.

Support upgrades are gameplay enhancements featured in Halo 4.[1]


Support upgrades are armor mods for the MJOLNIR [GEN2] armor that enhance a Spartan's combat performance in the field. They can be accessed through each loadout before a match is started or during a player's respawn time. While some support upgrades are available since the beginning of the game, others are unlocked via Specializations.

List of upgrades[edit]

Upgrade Gameplay effect Fiction
Ammo Increases the player's ammo-carrying capacity. Overrides the capacity and safety protocols of the GEN2 armor, allowing a Spartan to exceed normal ammunition-carrying parameters. The upgrade is recommended for CQB roles and encounters which require excessive ammo usage.[1]
Awareness Shows the motion sensor while using a scope. Facilitates minor adjustments in the MJOLNIR's HUD-distributed display mechanics, allowing the integration of a motion sensor into scoped weapon, native of exotic smart-links. Thus, it provides a Spartan with basic motion sensor data while sighting an enemy. This upgrade is often relied upon by Spartans who engage in sniper operations or long-range combat.[1]
Dexterity Speeds up weapon reloads and weapon swapping. Circumvents overlock and mobility systems, temporarily allowing the bypass of fine-control movement governors to obtain quicker reloading times and weapon swapping. Upgrades which enhance movement have increased in popularity for operations with intense close quarters firefights which demand swift weapon versatility.[1]
Drop Recon Feeds the player information on the time and place of ordnance drops. This upgrade is enabled by suborbital, drone-linked monitoring systems which are embedded in the user's MJOLNIR support suit.[1]
Explosives Alters grenade performance, increasing blast radius and decreasing grenade damage received by the user. Manipulates energy placement differential systems which allows armor software to automatically transfer conclusive force from explosions sustained during combat. When used with MJOLNIR GEN2, it passively disperse receiving energy, allowing them to take less damage while increasing damage for targets.[1]
Gunner Increases how long a mounted weapon can fire before overheating. It also increases the player's movement speed when a weapon is detached from its turret. Improves a variety of elements which favor heavy weapon specialists. This is allowed by software improvements in the suit's automated weapon communication nodes.[1]
Nemesis Marks the location of the hostile who last killed the user on the HUD. It is a balance-mitigation module that is obviously impractical in real operations and is exclusive to War Games simulations. It does, however, increase tension for targeted participants.[1]
Ordnance Priority Offers more frequent ordnance drops to the player. It is available only in modes in which personal ordnance is allowed. Allows access to a Class-D4803 priority channel with UNSC Infinity, due to a software patch which allows dialing couplers and satellite linkage. This allows users to call in ordnance more often. The upgrade is often utilized by Spartans during requisition-dense, support-heavy combat in situations where the deployment of ordnance can be intermittent and scarce.[1]
Recharge Decreases the time it takes for the player's shields to recharge.[2] N/A
Sensor Increases the range and sensitivity of the motion tracker. The upgrade violates general UNSC transmission regulations. It is utilized by stealth operatives and infiltration specialists to provide heightened locational intelligence of all nearby enemies.[1]
Stability Increases aiming stability when being fired upon. Overall it makes the user flinch less when under fire thus allowing a steady aim on target. This upgrade functions by alternating the suit's default kinetic dampeners. Spartans who participate in lateral combat maneuvers through environments which are notably dense favor this upgrade.[1]
Stealth Decreases user visibility in enemy Promethean vision and also increases lethality in assassinations. A largely nominal software upgrade that decreases user movement noise and visibility on certain VISR enhancement systems.[1]
Survivor If the vehicle is about to explode, anyone using the armor mod will be kicked out of the vehicle.[2] N/A


  • The Recharge and Survivor upgrades were both added via title update in August 2013. As such they are not available in the original game's Spartan Ops. If a player has one of them equipped in their loadout, it will automatically revert back to "None".
  • Recharge and Survivor did not not appear in Halo: The Master Chief Collection from launch in 2014 until they were added with the December 2022 update. Unlike the original game, the can be used in Spartan Ops.



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