Human-San'Shyuum alliance

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Human-San'Shyuum alliance
Alliance overview


Charum Hakkor


Prior to 107,445 BCE


Prior to 106,445 BCE


A military alliance existed between the human and San'Shyuum species before and during the time of the human-Forerunner wars.[1] The alliance ended once the Forerunners destroyed the human civilization,[2] restricting the rights of both members, making sure that neither would be able to join forces again.[3]


The humans, who already at this point possessed a vast interstellar empire, formed an alliance pact with the San'Shyuum race, hoping to take advantage of the species' highly-advanced technology.[4] It is possible that this agreement was not entirely mutual: the Librarian suggested that the humans had "subjugated" the San'Shyuum to further their own agenda, as they had done with several other species.[5]

The humans chose the former Precursor world Charum Hakkor as the capital of their empire. There they would imprison an unknown creature they had discovered in a stasis capsule on a distant planet. Both humans and San'Shyuum attempted inquiring this being, known as the Primordial, on various subjects, but received no useful responses. They later reinforced its cage with a time bolt.[6][7]

After the Flood emerged into the galaxy, both humans and San'Shyuum were the first species to be affected. Unaware of its true nature, both species used a primitive form of the Flood to alter the behavior of the Pheru, animals popular as pets among humans and San'Shyuum. Over several centuries, the Pheru began to exhibit signs of Flood infection, which soon spread to both humans and San'Shyuum. Humans discovered a way to fight the parasite, and sacrificing a third of their population, managed to drive it off the galaxy.[7]

During their conflict with the Flood, however, humans became desperate and forcibly colonized worlds where the Forerunners had relocated other species. This resulted in a war between the alliance and the Forerunners. Even with their advanced technology, humanity and the San'Shyuum were outmatched against the Forerunners.[7] The humans refused to surrender and had their entire civilization dismantled and the last of their species exiled to their homeworld Erde-Tyrene as a result.[2] However, the San'Shyuum were more cooperative, and their punishment was less severe; they were stripped of their weapons and means of interstellar travel, and quarantined to their home system. This was to make sure that neither species would be able to join forces again.[3]

Even without the war's effects, the Forerunners predicted that the alliance would crumble after a few centuries, based on their view of humans as a xenophobic race.[4]

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