Sothra Hakkor

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Sothra Hakkor seen from the planet's ring system.

Sothra Hakkor was a core world of the ancient human empire, located in the same system as humanity's capital, Charum Hakkor.[note 1] The human empire mined the planet for ores and volatiles.[1] After the human-Forerunner wars, the Didact ordered several monuments built to his fallen Warrior-Servants, one of which was built in the ring system around Sothra Hakkor.[2]

Production note[edit]

The Warrior-Servant monument orbiting Sothra Hakkor is the setting of the Halo 4 multiplayer map Monolith. Technically the rock formation surrounding the planet is a ring system, though it is officially referred to as an asteroid belt.

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  1. ^ Although this has not been explicitly stated, Sothra Hakkor is described being a battlefield in the final 50-year campaign that was fought across Charum Hakkor's system. It is also referred to as a "core world" of humanity. The "Hakkor" part of the name, which is also shared by the planet Faun Hakkor, also located in the same system, further suggests that it is part of the Charum Hakkor system.