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H4 Monolith-1.png
Map overview


Halo 4

Map designation:

War Games Map_Set/: 673-4[1]


Forerunner monument, ring system around Sothra Hakkor[2][note 1]


"Asteroid", Forerunner structures

Gameplay overview

Recommended gametype(s):

This monument and many like it were built by the Forerunners after their final victory over the ancient humans.

Monolith is a Halo 4 multiplayer map. It was released as part of the Majestic Map Pack on February 25, 2013.[2]


Monolith is set in a Forerunner monument which was built to honor fallen Warrior-Servants of the Human-Forerunner War. It is located within the ring system orbiting Sothra Hakkor.[note 1][3] It is a symmetrical four base map, arranged to neighbor each other in a rough circle, with a large two-leveled hollow structure in the middle. There are many walls and barriers on the ground levels, allowing plenty of cover and close-combat fights. The bases allow for greater height, letting snipers pick off players on the ground floor. Grav lifts allow for easy traversing of the entire map and access to higher levels of the bases.


Despite having no visible barrier of protection from the vacuum of space, there is full sound on Monolith. It is possible that the Forerunners were capable of maintaining an atmosphere around small bodies in space without the use of solid coverings or visible energy shielding.



  1. ^ a b Technically the rock formation surrounding the planet is a ring system, though it is officially referred to as an asteroid belt.