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Halo 4

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War Games Map_Set/: 902-5[1]


ONI research facility, Saviron highlands, Oban[2]

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Rocky highlands, military bases

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Although it is currently being used as a military staging ground, this fertile world will one day be colonized.

Daybreak is a Halo 4 multiplayer map. It is one of three maps in the DLC Castle Map Pack.[3]

Universe and lore[edit]

Daybreak takes place in a series of ONI bases in the highlands of Saviron on Oban. A UNSC Strident-class heavy frigate can be seen in the skybox, similar to how the UNSC Aegis Fate was seen above Sandtrap in Halo 3. The map is named after the in-universe Operation: DAYBREAK, a project based around these research stations. The UNSC Navy additionally uses this site as a staging ground for classified military campaigns in nearby star systems.[1]



Daybreak is a mid-sized asymmetric map design for symmetric gameplay; while both sides of the map have a generally similar layout, there are still major differences that prevent it from being a "true" symmetric map. The main area of the map is U-shaped, allowing Warthog and other vehicle play. Each side of this "U" has a base in, each with a different internal layout. The two ends of the "U" are joined by a small cave that allows for access, as well as a way up onto the cliff that divides the map in two. Red base has a man cannon capable of additionally transporting players onto this cliff, while blue has a large bridge that allows players to walk up onto the cliff manually. The middle of them map at the bottom of the "U" layout sees the spawn of a Banshee.


  • At the back of Blue Base there is a tree on a hill. It is possible to jump into this tree and hide, making it a good place for sniping.[4]
  • The Banshee on Daybreak is a key advantage for whichever team controls it - the large rock arches on the map provide ample cover for retreating from enemy fire.[4]
  • It is possible to jump into the man cannon at red base from below, thanks to a small rock in front of the base. Crouch jumping here will allow you to land in the man cannon and be transported to the middle.[4]
  • The bases are good structures for players to bunker down in - especially in team games - and let the enemy come to you.[4]
  • The rockets spawning in the cave in the middle are a key advantage for either team.[4]
  • In CTF, the cave adjoining both bases makes for the quickest route from base to base.[4]