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Search and Destroy


Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson




"Cyclone," Requiem


  • Destroy the three plasma stockpiles.
  • Investigate the central structure.

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In reaction to intel extracted from Covenant control, Fireteam Switchback is investigating a Covenant archeological dig while Fireteam Crimson disrupts a Covenant supply depot.

Search and Destroy is the fourth chapter of Spartan Ops' sixth episode, Scattered.[1]


While Fireteam Switchback goes to deal with the Covenant excavation, Crimson is assigned to take out the plasma supply depot. The Spartans arrive at the facility, deal with the guards, and destroy all three plasma stockpiles. However, they also discover stolen UNSC equipment at the base. What's more, Miller is detecting unusual readings from inside the central structure. Palmer orders Crimson to investigate the depot's central structure. After finding the access controls, Crimson opens the central structure's door. The Spartans deal with a group of Stealth Elites, then move into the structure to investigate. There, they discover a cache of stolen nuclear weapons. Worse, the warheads themselves have been removed. Just then, Crimson receives a distress call from Switchback, who are facing massive resistance at the dig site. Palmer orders Crimson to head for the dig site and help Switchback.


All dialogue is spoken through the COM.


Crimson’s Phantom and a UNSC Pelican fly side by side toward a Covenant installation.

  • Commander Sarah Palmer: “Fireteam Switchback, you’re on Covenant dig detail. Miller’s sending you the coordinates now.”
  • Switchback Leader: “Acknowledged, Commander.”

The Pelican breaks off. The Phantom maintains its current course.

  • Palmer: “Crimson, your job is to take out these Covie plasma stockpiles. Lots of explosions. Should be good fun.”


Crimson is deployed. Almost immediately they are engaged by Covenant troops.

  • Palmer: “Weapons hot!”
  • Miller: “Murphy, you gonna be okay up there?”
  • Murphy: “Ah yeah! I’m having fun here! More than enough flak to go around!”

Murphy’s Phantom provides cover fire for Crimson.

  • Palmer: “Crimson, take that hill!”
  • Miller: “Tracking multiple Ghost signatures in your area, Crimson. Keep an eye out!”
  • Miller: “First plasma stockpile located and marked.”

Crimson receives the waypoint to their first objective.

If Crimson destroys a stockpile that has not been marked yet:

  • Palmer: "No extra credit for getting ahead of yourself. Just make sure you get all of the targets."

Crimson attacks the first marked stockpile:

  • Miller: “Be advised, Crimson. Those plasma stockpiles are volatile stuff. When they pop it’s gonna be big."

The plasma stockpile soon detonates in a series of massive explosions.

  • Palmer: “Not exactly subtle, Crimson, but you get the job done. Now let’s do it a few more times.”
  • Miller: “Commander, there’s UNSC inventory transponders near Crimson’s position.”
  • Palmer: “Really? Let’s take a look. Crimson, I’d appreciate it if you taught the Covies that our toys don’t belong to them.”

Crimson finds a stockpile of stolen UNSC weapons.

After Crimson clears the immediate area:

  • Miller: “All clear.”
  • Palmer: “Let’s get a proper inventory.”
  • Miller: “Crimson, stand near the crates so I can use your armor's sensors to collect data.”

Crimson does so. Scan is initiated.

If player(s) move around during the scan:

  • Miller: “Crimson, stop moving around so much. You’re screwing up the scans.”

Scan is completed:

  • Miller: “Yup, that’s UNSC gear all right.”
  • Miller: “I’ve traced an override system for the doors to the central structure. Marking it for Crimson.”

Crimson fights their way to the override system, but find the entrance blocked.

  • Miller: “Locked up tight. But I’ve IDed another stockpile. Marking it for you now.”

If all the stockpiles have already been destroyed:

  • Miller: "Keep moving, Spartans."

A Covenant Wraith appears.

  • Miller: “Wraith! Closing in on your position!”

Crimson fights their way to the second stockpile and destroys it.

  • Palmer: “That’s what I like to see!”

If Crimson destroys the stockpiles out of order:

  • Palmer: "Have we got it all figured out down there? I suppose you can find your own way home too."
  • Palmer: "That's what I like to see. Alright, since you're all about overachieving, let's see what else is on the menu."

  • Miller: “There’s the last of the stockpiles, Crimson! Light ‘em up!”

Crimson heads to the third and final stockpile. They destroy it.

  • Miller: “That’s all of the plasma stockpiles. At least out in the open.”
  • Palmer: “Excellent job, everyone!”

Jackal Snipers appear.

  • Miller: “Snipers!”
  • Palmer: “Find some cover!”
  • Palmer: "Neutralize all targets."

Covenant Ghosts arrive.

  • Palmer: “Ghosts!”

Once most enemy forces are down:

  • Palmer: “Miller, mop up the last of the ground forces. Then let’s see if they’ve hidden anything inside that central structure.”
  • Miller: “You got it, Commander.”
  • Palmer: “Have a look around. There has to be some way to open this tin can up.”
  • Miller: “Looks like a lot of activity deeper in the structure.”
  • Palmer: “Setting a waypoint.”

Crimson activates a panel on the designated door, triggering a hidden gravity lift that takes them up to a control room.

  • Miller: “There’s movement.”
  • Palmer: “Careful, Crimson.”

Crimson kills the invisible Elite patrolling the control room.

  • Miller: “That’s all of them.”
  • Palmer: “Roll on, Crimson.”
  • Miller: “Setting a waypoint.”

Crimson finds the access controls to the central structure and activates them. Doors dissolve, exposing exits. The ground trembles.

  • Miller: “That did it. Structure's open. That’s strange... when the structure opened, Crimson’s sensors were...”
  • Palmer: “Spit it out.”
  • Miller: “Everything’s fine now. I’ll keep an eye on it.”

Enemy Phantoms arrive and deploy more reinforcements, including Hunters.

  • Miller: “Hunters!”
  • Palmer: “Dalton?”
  • Robert Dalton: “Ordinance [sic] inbound on Crimson’s position now.”
  • Palmer: “Roger that.”

Ordnance pods containing Spartan Lasers are dropped off for Crimson.

  • Miller: “Phantom on approach!”

Once all the Covenant attackers are defeated:

  • Palmer: “Miller, let’s see if they’ve hidden anything inside that central structure.”
  • Miller: “You got it, Commander.”

Crimson heads to the central structure, where they encounter a cadre of Stealth Elites guarding the entrance. Some of the Elites are armed with Particle Beam Rifles.

  • Miller: “More Covenant!”
  • Palmer: “Check your corners, folks.”

When about half of the Stealth Elites are down:

  • Palmer: "Glad I don't have to clean up after you, Crimson. Messy but effective."

Remaining Stealth Elites are marked.

Once the entrance is clear:

  • Miller: “Commander, I’ve found the location of that mysterious reading. Placing a waypoint for Crimson.”

Crimson heads inside the structure to investigate. They come across a collection of UNSC nuclear weapons.

  • Palmer: “Tell me that’s not what I think it is.”
  • Miller: “A stockpile of stolen UNSC nukes?”
  • Palmer: “Miller, send down a disposal team.”
  • Miller: “No need. Those nukes have all had their warheads stripped. The Covies took them somewhere else.”

Crimson suddenly receives an emergency transmission.

  • Spartan Cara Costabile: “Switchback to Infinity.” (gunfire can be heard in the background)
  • Palmer: “Go ahead, Switchback.”
  • Costabile: “Covies have a Harvester down here.” (an Elite roars in the background) “Encountering massive resistance. Request backup!”
  • Palmer: “Crimson, you’re the closest responder. Fall out and help Switchback.”

If the player has activated the RvB Easter egg.

  • Sarge: “This is Corporal Switchback to Infinity!” (gunfire can be heard in the background)
  • Palmer: “Go ahead, Switchback.”
  • Sarge: “Hey Infinity, is your Slipspace drive running? (an Elite roars in the background) Because you better go catch it!”
  • Palmer: “Crimson, you’re the closest responder. Fall out and help Switchback.”
  • Grif: “Baba booey! Baba booey!”

Murphy’s Phantom comes in. Crimson gets on board.


Level ends.


  • In the Spartan Ops menu, the mission is called "Search and Destroy". While on Halo Waypoint, the mission is called "Shut Down".
  • The sixth Red vs. Blue Easter egg can be activated here. If activated, Sarge (posing as a Corporal Switchback) will ask Infinity if their slipspace drive is running, followed by the usual punchline of “Then you better go catch it !” A few moments later, Grif can be heard yelling “Baba-boey! Baba-boey!”


  • When Dalton announces the heavy weapons drop, the subtitles get the word "ordnance" (military munitions) mixed up with "ordinance" (a law).