The Chase

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The Didact's Gift

The Chase
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Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson




"The Cauldron", Requiem


Continue pursuing Jul 'Mdama.

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Jul 'Mdama continues to flee through Requiem's portal system. Fireteam Crimson is giving chase.

The Chase is the fourth chapter of Spartan Ops' fourth episode, Didact's Hand.[1]


Continuing their pursuit of Jul 'Mdama, Fireteam Crimson emerges at The Cauldron. The Infinity crew identifies 'Mdama's escape route and Crimson follows, facing heavy Covenant and Promethean resistance. In an effort to cut 'Mdama off Commander Sarah Palmer takes control of a Suppressive Fire Drone and launches an air strike on his position. 'Mdama manages to avoid the missile strike and escapes through a slipspace portal, leaving behind an artifact known as the "Didact's Gift". Palmer arranges for Crimson to bring the artifact to Galileo Base to be examined before being brought onboard Infinity.


All dialogue is spoken through the COM.


Crimson emerges from slipspace at the cliff edge of the Cauldron.

  • Miller: "Roland? Did you follow them that time?"
  • Roland: "Yep. A few more jumps like this and I might be able to extrapolate how the whole system works."
  • Palmer: "Extrapolate later. Give Miller their loc now. We've got an op to run."
  • Palmer: "Miller, get me a marker on 'Mdama. I want to know about this Didact's Gift thing, and where he's got it."
  • Roland: "I've found him! There you go. I tell ya, I don't know why I run a starship when running ops is so much more fun."
  • Palmer: "Roland, clear the line, please. Let the Spartans talk."

Crimson reaches the waypoint Roland placed on a closed door.

  • Miller: "'Mdama's through there."
  • Palmer: "Miller, find Crimson a way through those doors."
  • Miller: "Working on it, Commander."

Covenant reinforcements arrive via drop pod.

  • Miller: "Ah! Here we go, Crimson. No. Wait. That's not right."
  • Palmer: "What are you even doing?"

Fighting continues for a while.

  • Miller: "Just a second... Okay. Found the controls for the door. Marking them now."

Waypoints appear on two consoles. The player activates one of them.

  • Miller: "That's one switch. Hit the other to open the door."

The player hits the second switch.

  • Miller: "Door's open."
  • Palmer: "Move it, Crimson! Do not let 'Mdama get away!"

Crimson makes its way through the complex and encounters heavy resistance.

Promethean Watchers appear and begin deploying beam turrets.

  • Miller: "Watchers deploying turrets!"
  • Palmer: "Dammit! Don't let them slow you down!"

A Covenant drop pod descends and releases several Zealots.

Crimson continues pushing forward.

  • Miller: "We've almost got him, Commander!"
  • Palmer: "Dalton!"
  • Dalton: "Commander?"
  • Palmer: "I need some targeted air strikes, preferably that I can fire at will."
  • Dalton: "That can be arranged. Suppressive Fire Drone 10-56 is all yours."

Crimson makes its way toward the tunnel.

  • Palmer: "Crimson, keep up pursuit. I'm going to encourage our hingehead to slow his pace a bit."

A barrage of missiles impacts at the far end of the tunnel.

  • Palmer: "How the hell did he survive that? Slippery son of a-"
  • Miller: "Slipspace signature! He's opening a portal, Commander!"

Several Promethean Knights appear.

  • Palmer: "Knights! Take them down."

Crimson clears the area.

  • Palmer: "Well done."
  • Miller: "He got through the portal."
  • Palmer: "In one piece?"
  • Miller: "Unclear. But he dropped something..."
  • Palmer: "Crimson, have a look."

Crimson finds the object.

  • Miller: "Is that it? Is that the Didact's Gift?"

The player tries to pick up the object.

  • Palmer: "Don't touch it!"
  • Palmer: "Commander Palmer to Galileo Base."
  • Dr. Owen: "Owen here. Go ahead, Commander."
  • Palmer: "Crimson's bringing a package your way. Prep your labs. I want a good look at it before I let it onboard Infinity."
  • Dr. Owen: "Um... OK?"
  • Palmer: "Good work, Crimson. Hang tight. We'll have you a ride to Galileo Base shortly."


Level ends.