In One Way

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Seize the Power

In One Way
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Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson




Warrens, Requiem


Get to Apex through the Warrens.

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Fireteam Crimson is on route through Warrens to acquire the replacement Harvester power supply stored at Apex.

In One Way is the second chapter of Spartan Ops' tenth episode, Exodus.[1]


Murphy is unable to drop Crimson off at Apex due to heavy Covenant resistance. Instead, Crimson are deployed at the Warrens where Miller believes there's a path to Apex through the caves.

Crimson first attacks a Covenant camp outside the caves. With some help from Dalton, they demolish the outpost. The door controls to the cave system don't work initially, but Roland is able to hack them, allowing Crimson to enter the caves. As Crimson fights their way through the caves, they experience violent tremors. Requiem is starting to tear itself apart.

Crimson reaches a Forerunner structure holding a passage to Apex. However, they are unable to open the door needed to gain access to the passage. Roland comes up with a plan to overload the door's circuits. He instructs Crimson to head to the upper level of the caves. Crimson does so, and crosses a series of light bridges, fighting Prometheans in the process. On Roland's instructions, they activate three control panels and overloads the door's circuits, unlocking it. After dealing with the remaining Prometheans, Crimson heads through the door and into the passage to Apex.


All dialogue is spoken through the COM.


Crimson’s Pelican approaches the Warrens. The ground is swarming with Covenant troops, some of whom fire at the Pelican.

  • Murphy: “Miller, there’s no way we’re landing on that side! Too hot all around!”
  • Miller: “Understood, Murphy. Fortunately, there’s a path to Apex through the caves here.”

The Pelican barely manages to avoid a plasma mortar round from a Wraith. It comes in to land.


  • Miller: “Crimson, marking the entrance to the Warrens for you now.”

Crimson engages the Covenant.

  • Miller: “Looks like the door’s sealed up tight, but I’ve pinged the controls for you.”
  • Miller: “Dalton, is there any way to get Crimson some air support?”
  • Dalton: “Depends on what you need.”
  • Miller: “I’m sending you a list of targets.”
  • Dalton: “Making it happen. Give me a minute.”

Bombardment commences, destroying the Covenant lookout towers nearby.

Crimson activates the door controls, but nothing happens.

  • Miller: “Weird, that should work. Give me a second. I’ll see what’s going on.”

Crimson finishes clearing the area of Covenant:

  • Miller: “Roland, you online?”
  • Roland: “I’d thought you’d never ask. I can run a hack on the door via Crimson’s armor comms if you give me just a second.”

Roland begins the hack.

  • Miller: “Roland, ETA?”
  • Roland: “Just a few... seconds... longer.”

The door is unlocked.

  • Roland: “There you go, Spartans. Door’s unlocked.”

Crimson opens the door. They proceed into the caves. They soon encounter more Covenant resistance.

  • Miller: “Lotta bad guys in there. Clear the area and I’ll find your way through.”
  • Miller: “Crimson, marking the door for you. Head on over.”

Crimson clears out the immediate area, and heads towards the waypoint.

As they approach a Forerunner structure, the ground shakes violently.

  • Miller: “Oh man. That’s no good.”
  • Roland: “So imagine I just used a lot of gravitational science mumbo jumbo. Requiem might get torn apart before it gets to the chance to melt in the sun.”

Crimson neutralizes the Covenant guarding the structure. The marked door can’t be opened, however.

  • Roland: “This way’s shut.”
  • Miller: “Hang on a second, Crimson. I’ll find you an alternate route.”

A few seconds later:

  • Miller: “Grrr... I’m not finding anything...”
  • Roland: “Covenant still have door controls rigged through this location.”

Door controls are highlighted.

  • Miller: “There you go, Crimson.”

Crimson goes to activate the controls, but the panel dissolves when the Spartans approach it.

  • Roland: “Hey, neat. Appears to be a polymolecular phase storage system.”
  • Miller: “Which means what?”
  • Roland: (smugly) “Magic.”
  • Miller: “Roland...”
  • Roland: “Yeah, yeah, just give me a minute to figure out their trick.”
  • Miller: “Hurry!”
  • Roland: “Spartans, I’m detecting phasing activity.”

Prometheans teleport in.

  • Miller: “Prometheans! They’re pulling out the big guns on this one. You must be making someone nervous.”
  • Miller: “Look sharp, Crimson!”

During the middle of the battle:

  • Roland: “Figured it out. Crimson needs to find a way to bring power back. Lotta tech running through there, but they’re not close enough for me to tell what it is.”

After the Prometheans are defeated:

  • Miller: “Okay, just need to sort out a way across this chasm...”

Light bridge controls are highlighted. At the same time, Promethean Watchers appear.

  • Miller: “Watchers!”

Light bridges are activated:

  • Miller: “Head on up and let’s see if we can get that door open.”

Crimson neutralizes the attacking enemy, then heads to the upper level.

More Watchers phase in.

  • Miller: “More Watchers!”

Crimson crosses the first light bridge. The cave shakes again.

  • Roland: “More quakes.”
  • Miller: “There’s not much we can do about them other than hurry.”

At the end of the second light bridge, more Prometheans are blocking the way. Crimson fights their way through and reaches the other side. They clear out the enemies there.

  • Miller: “Roland, does this stuff make any sense to you?”
  • Roland: “Only way to open the door is to cause the circuit holding it shut to overload and break.”
  • Miller: “Hotwire the door?”
  • Roland: “Yup. Marking a point for Crimson. They can start the overload there.”

Crimson heads up a ramp and finds a control panel. They activate it and a metal sphere beneath them emits a column of energy. An identical sphere appears in the middle of the beam.

  • Roland: “Now kick on the power over there and you should be good-to-go.”

A portal opens and a swarm of Watchers emerges.

  • Miller: “Don’t relax yet. You’ve got more hostiles headed your way.”

More Prometheans teleport in near the second control panel. Crimson clears them out and activates the controls.

As before, a column of energy erupts from a sphere below, and a second sphere appears in the middle.

  • Roland: “Here’s the next one.”
  • Miller: “Same drill as before, Crimson.”

Another wave of Prometheans phase in.

  • Miller: “Prometheans!”

Crimson defeats the Prometheans and activates the third control panel. It has the same effect as the other two.

  • Roland: “Button’s back. I have the best plans. They always work.”
  • Miller: “Roland, shut it! Crimson, see if the button does what Roland thinks it does.”

Crimson heads back toward the door controls. Another group of Prometheans appears. A Knight Commander is amongst them.

Crimson defeats all the Prometheans. They activate the restored door controls once again. This time the door opens.

  • Miller: “Crimson, there’s your way through to Apex. Get moving. We need that power supply.”

Crimson heads through the door.

Fade to black.


Level ends.