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Sniper Alley


Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson




"Sniper Alley", Requiem


Disrupt Covenant energy supply.

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Covenant operations are reliant on several power stations around Requiem.

Sniper Alley is the second chapter in Spartan Ops' first episode, Departure.[1]


Commander Palmer sends Fireteam Crimson on a mission to capture a Covenant-held power station on Requiem after UNSC Marines fail to do so. They're tasked with eliminating all Covenant forces within the area. Jared Miller is again assigned to Crimson to assist them during the mission. After Crimson clears out the immediate area, Miller detects strong energy readings coming from underground. He concludes that the Covenant are siphoning large amounts of energy from a nearby Forerunner structure. Miller finds the origin of the energy source and directs Crimson to it. Spartan Robert Dalton comes online and readies an orbital-strike from the UNSC Infinity to destroy the target. After eliminating all hostile threats, Crimson designates the energy source for target acquisition. The target is destroyed by Infinity, and Fireteam Crimson is extracted from the area.


Note: All dialogue is spoken through the COM.


An aerial shot of a few Forerunner spires.

  • Palmer: "Crimson, I'm moving you up to something a little tougher today..."

A shot of an Elite and a Jackal, then of a Grunt.

  • Palmer: "Inserting you into a Covenant-held area that the Marines have been throwing themselves against to no avail. Short version of your to-do list: if it moves, shoot it."


  • Miller: "Where's that shield coming from? One moment."
  • Miller: "There's a lot of power being pulled from the planet. Weird."
  • Palmer: "Crimson doesn't need a science report, Miller. They just need a target to shoot."
  • Miller: "Right, Commander. Have a look in this area, Crimson. See what you can find."

After the player kills nearly all of the Covenant in the area.

  • Miller: "Painting the last targets for you now."

After the player eliminates all the Covenant.

  • Miller: "Commander, there's a power source nearby. Might want to have Crimson take a look."
  • Palmer: "Give them a waypoint, Miller."

A nav point appears on the console. The player turns off the console and the shield powers down. Crimson engages more Covenant.

  • Miller: "There we go. Shield's down."

Crimson runs into another shield wall. An orbital drop pod deploys more enemy troops.

  • Miller: "Same as before, Crimson. Find a way through that shield."

Two nav points appear on screen. The player then proceeds to eliminate the rest of the Covenant and turns off one of the consoles.

  • Palmer: "Nice work."

The player then turns off the other console and the shield powers down. More Covenant appear.

  • Palmer: "What the hell are the Covenant doing?"
  • Miller: "They've got some"
  • Palmer: "Spit it out, Miller."
  • Miller: "They're siphoning power from the structures. Give me a minute to sort it out."
  • Palmer: "While Miller's working on his science, Crimson, you continue clearing the area."

A Covenant Phantom approaches.

  • Palmer: "Hostiles inbound, Crimson. Give them a proper welcome, yeah?"

Crimson eliminates more Covenant and makes their way down the hill.

  • Palmer: "Dalton, send Crimson supplies."
  • Dalton: "You got it, Commander."

Three resupply canisters, containing one rocket launcher, one railgun, and one sniper rifle land near Crimson's position.

  • Miller: "Commander Palmer? Crimson's reached the target."
  • Palmer: "Once again, Spartans do in 24 minutes what Marines can't do in 24 hours. Dalton, I need a decent-sized explosive launched from Infinity on Crimson's mark."
  • Dalton: "I can arrange that, Commander."
  • Palmer: "Crimson, secure the area near the generator. You're going to be Dalton's eyes on this one."

After the player eliminates nearly all of the Covenant forces defending the generator.

  • Palmer: "Miller, light up the last few targets."

The player eliminates all the Covenant forces guarding the generator.

  • Miller: "Crimson's got the area secure, Commander."
  • Palmer: "Miller, paint a target on the generator for Spartan Dalton."

The player paints the target on the generator.

  • Dalton: "Got it. Bombs away. Crimson, I'd get to cover if I were you."
  • Miller: "Crimson! Move it! Get to the safe area! Now!"

The orbital barrage is launched and the generator is destroyed.

  • Dalton: "Impact on target, Commander."
  • Miller: "Confirming...all power to the area is gone."
  • Palmer: "Well done, everyone. Crimson, head to the extraction point and come on home."

A Pelican arrives and extracts Crimson from the area.


Level ends.


Sniper Alley is the nickname of an infamous section of the level Outskirts in Halo 2, in which up to six Jackal snipers are fought in a narrow street. The location became particularly disparaged when played on the Legendary difficulty, as the snipers can kill the Master Chief with even a grazing shot to the foot.