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This article is about the Covenant remnant rank. For other uses, see Commander (disambiguation).


Ground assault/infantry
Squad leader




Jul 'Mdama's Covenant
Swords of Sanghelios
Vata 'Gajat's mercenary group

Notable individuals:


Commander is a Sangheili military rank that existed within Jul 'Mdama's Covenant and continues to exist in the Swords of Sanghelios.[1]


Roles and responsibilities[edit]

Sangheili Commanders are battle-hardened warriors. Many of them have decades of experience behind them from serving with the Covenant, making them dangerous opponents on the battlefield.

Sangheili Commanders, like the Sangheili Majors before them, act as attack-and-command units within mixed-unit teams. They usually assert themselves as the leaders of local squads, and given their experience with mixed groups, they are valued for their expertise and intelligence on the field of battle. After the collapse of the Covenant, many Commanders set themselves up as warlords, accruing their own loyal forces and fleets, some forming their own separate alliances on far-flung colonies and others signing on with larger groups.[2]



Sangheili Commander armor can be described as a more sophisticated set of the Sangheili Storm armor with both sporting the same lower body armor and chest harnesses; Commanders on the other hand wear more angular shoulder-pads, wrist-guards, a smooth bodysuit and a much more ornate helmet. Commander Armor appears similar to the suits worn by Sangheili Officers from the original Covenant in terms of design, although the Commander's set is colored a deep claret compared with the Officer's scarlet.[3] They can also occasionally be found in a green[4] and gold[5] combat harness. The raised claw on their boots are reminiscent of ancient ceremonial armor.[6]

Though, it has been seen that Commanders can wear different armor. In the case of Gek 'Lhar, he wore the Storm harness without a helmet. In the case of Parg Vol and Kitun 'Arach, they wore the Warrior-class harness.


Commanders have been known to wield both the infamous Vostu-pattern carbine and the devastating Type-50 concussion rifle.[7]


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