Suicide Jiralhanae

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Suicide Jiralhanae
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Also known as:

Suicide Grunts


Suicide Jiralhanae are a specialised type of Jiralhanae employed by the Banished.


Suicide Jiralhanae are a variation of the standard Jiralhanae employed by the Banished. Upon death, they explode, damaging enemy forces in the radius.


Suicide Jiralhanae are assigned to a group of Suicide Grunts that appear in the Blitz multiplayer mode of Halo Wars 2 as a playable card for all Banished leaders. Unlike it's multiplayer counterpart, the Suicide Grunts are equipped with Plasma pistols

  • Rarity: Common
  • Cost to deploy: 60
  • Y-Ability: Shrapnel mine: Plants mines which slow and damage enemy units.
  • Blast: This unit explodes violently on death, damaging enemy troops in its radius..

The Suicide Grunts are classed as anti-infantry, and performs well against infantry, vehicles and aircraft.


  • Unlike the other Brutes units in the game, this brute has a more whitish skin tone.