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Here's a hint: it's a human name.


To find my location, hold "CRTL" and then hold "Shift" and then press "Q" twice

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Edited the page Terminus Firefight
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"By any chance, once the leader powers have their own articles can the Bl..."
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About me

I don't really have anything to say about myself.

Since I like Halo Wars 2 Terminus Firefight I played it on Legendary and was placed at #23 (formerly).

Favorite Halo moment

ATN, for once the Brutes have done something heroic and that isn't considered evil for once! (And the Banished!)

Worst Halo moment

Halo 5 (even thought I like the Scorpion design)

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From my recollection, I was intended to give all the blitz cards their own pages too.


No, that's absolutely fine! The comparison shots are awesome. If it was an issue we'd let you know :^)


The plan is for all Leader Powers to get their own articles, yeah. I actually made a navbox with all the redlinks ready to go, though I haven't got round to doing them yet. Feel free to begin making these pages if you'd like. I'd say that's a good detail to mention.


Hey man, just figured I'd let you know we do have pages for the Terminus-Firefight exclusive buildings like the UNSC Fence, UNSC Barricade, Electric trap and so forth, if you wanna add to those or something.


Howdy there, thats a big question. I believe I sent ya a message on Discord with Halopedias Discord link. Though you can access it here:

Will be easier to discuss that with the whole team (and community) in 1 spot. :)