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Here's a hint: it's a human name.


April 29th

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Back then, I played Halo mostly offline since I didn't have internet but since I have it now It feels like different experiences.

Since I like Halo Wars 2 Terminus Firefight I played it on Legendary and was placed at #23 (formerly).

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"Does the "Heavy Railgun"(Colossus) deserve it's own page?"
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Favorite Halo moment

ATN, for once the Brutes have done something heroic and that isn't considered evil for once! (And the Banished!)

Worst Halo moment

Halo 5!

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uhhhh I'd have to go back and check. Instinct says probably not.


Blitz cards will be contained in their own navbox yeah, but the plan is to make pages on all of them too.


Hey. So this actually ties into some projects we're working on at the moment. Namely, the plan is to make a page for every leader power and make a page for every leader separate from their lore page, detailing their tech trees, abilities, units etc. We don't have much planned yet as we're in early stages, but there is a navbox with all the leader powers red-linked here. If you wanna make pages for those, feel free - though do note we dont have much in the way of layouts or infoboxes etc yet.

As for everything else, all that info seems good to mention to me. As for the unused maps, take a look at our Cut Halo 2 levels page for an example of how to structure that sort of thing.


Nah. Typically we don't make pages like that unless they're specifically named. It'd be better served to just mention it on the existing Railgun page.


Yo Targa. Be sure to source stuff. Like it would be ace to have the exact sources of the E-War units cause thats a case if I recall of stuff being said than being from the files.


That's fine, if you hadn't have done that I would have anyway so it's all good!


Oh awesome. Definitely note that skull down on the Halo Wars 2 skulls page, likewise for the bomb. If you can get images even better.


For the cut units, I'd recommend doing one page called Cut Halo Wars 2 units for them all - our page on Cut Halo 2 Warthogs and Cut Halo 2 levels should be decent templates to follow. If the models cannot be shown in game, renders from external applications are allowed as long as you make it clear the models are being displayed in Blender/ Max/ etc. The EMP turret can go on this page too. Could you clarify what you mean by skull box?


That's awesome. to know. Right now, the cut content section is something we're actually doing a bit of a rework on so I can't promise how long all these vehicles will keep their pages for - we're planning to consolidate all the cut HW units itno a single page of "Cut Halo Wars vehicles" or something to that nature (see Cut Halo 2 levels as an example). But yeah the Tiger Tank deserves a mention. Thanks a lot!


Hey, I'm just curious. Do you have a location you're getting these HW vehicle names from? I'd love to read more about them.