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Basic information
Real name

Here's a hint: it's a human name.


April 29th

About me

I'm basically someone who came here because of FANDOM's choice to change the Halo Nation's URL.

I played Halo mostly offline since I didn't have internet back then but since I have it now It feels like different experiences.

Since I like Halo Wars 2 Terminus Firefight I played it on Legendary and was placed at #23 (for now).

Recent activity
Edited the page Template:UNSC Vehicles
"Adding 3 Blitz vehicles."
Edited the page Vanguard Kodiak
"Created page with "{{Vehicle Infobox |image= [[File:HW2 Blitz Vanguard K..."
Edited the page Vanguard Wolverine
Edited the page Vanguard Wolverine
Edited the page Vanguard Wolverine
Edited the page Vanguard Wolverine
"Created page with "{{Vehicle Infobox |image= [[File:HW2 Blitz Vanguard W..."
Edited the page Stealth Kodiak
"Created page with "{{Vehicle infobox |image=[[File:HW2 Blitz Stealth Kod..."
Edited the page Veteran Mantis
"Created page with "{{Vehicle infobox |image=[[File:HW2 Blitz Veteran Man..."
Edited the page Veteran Jackrabbit
"Created page with "{{Vehicle infobox |image=[[File:HW2 Blitz Veteran Jac..."
Edited the page Wild Jackrabbit
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Halo tidbits
Favorite Halo moment

ATN, for once the Brutes have done something heroic and that isn't considered evil for once! (And the Banished!)

Worst Halo moment

Halo 5!

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Hey, I'd recommend easing off on the page creation. A lot of the pages you're starting to make are seriously lacking in notability - I'd recommend looking at Haloped'a notability policy for some more guidance.


Here you go.

Don't worry about it, just try keep things written somewhat formally and you should be fine, I tend to go through a lot of edits people make to adjust some wording and whatnot anyway. You good. As an aside, I'm going to merge the two gravity hammer variant pages you made onto the standard hammer page.


Hey, just as a heads up, I dont think pages like "Infusion Tank" and "Bloodfuel Tank" meet our notability policy enough to warrant an individual page. I'm gonna merge their contents into the Bloodfuel Rifle and Infusion Gel pages respectively, to make sure the info within is still recorded.

Good work though!


I'd just put that Gravity Hammer variant under the existing Gravity Hammr page like what we have regarding the Type-25 Spiker.


I think most everything would deserve a page, personally (though feel free to bring the issue up in the Discord or Forums for more general feedback).

I'd probably say a page name like Bloodfuel Rifle or Unidentified Banished rifle would work best, with a caveat for the former that it is marked with the tag that the page name is officially unknown so our page name is speculative until such a time as a proper one is made.


Hey there. I'm running low on free time at the moment so apologies if I end up taking a while to reply (uni deadlines coming up, lots of stress lol)

1)I'd say this one isn't ok for use personally, unless it's achieved through glitches anyone can access. It might be suitbale for our Modding page though.

2)The Lockdown Scorp image looks fine for use to me, though I don't understand what you mean by the "shock".

3) Yeah I'd say the Bloodfuel rifle needs a page making (a lot of HW2-introduced weapons do tbh, like the Flame Warthog flamethrower). For an infobox image I'd maybe grab a crop of the relevant Blitz art, then have in the gallery a closeup of the rifle with the caption saying something like "Spawned with the elite ranger model via modding" or something similar to make it clear thats not a regular in-game thing.


Hey there, I'll just answer these in bullet point format for clarity's sake.

A) Screenshot should be fine B) I'd say infected vehicles shouldn't get their own page, but feel free to add a sub-heading about them on the existing Grizzly page C) You can make pages by just typing in the name of the page you want in the URL bar, then clicking the create page button. Alternatively, use square brackets to make a link to the page you wanna make, then follow the red link. D) Mods are an iffy subject. In the case of Halo Wars, mods that let you get the camera closer to a unit are probably ok, but anything that alters the game's graphics are (for hopefully obvious reasons) not good for wiki use. E) Skitterer counts is good info, I'd say. F) Yep! See Halopedia:Personal Image Policy for details.

Hope it helps.


Hey there, thanks a lot for the images you've been uploading. For future reference, would it be possible to make sure to prefix your file names with "HW2_" to denote the image's origin being Halo Wars 2? (HCE, H2, H3, HR, H5G etc for other games in the series). This would be great as it allows us to make sure our image naming conventions are standardised across the wiki for general cleanup and sourcing work.

Don't worry about changing the ones already uploaded, but just something minor to keep in mind for future ref. Great job overall though!