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Other role(s):

Leading the legions of the Banished


Jiralhanae power armor

Notable individuals:


"You have another explanation then, Legionmaster?"
Inslaan 'Gadogai to the bickering Legionmasters.[1]

Legionmasters are Jiralhanae Chieftains in charge of differing Banished legions with considerable degrees of autonomy. They are commanded by a War Chief.

Banished legions were disorganized Jiralhanae packs sizable enough to earn the title, and typically raced each other to plunder.[2]

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  2. ^ Halo: Shadows of Reach, chapter 2: "He knew from UNSC intel that the Banished tended to be more unpredictable and random in their approach, since they were led by a mob of chieftains competing to win the favor of a fierce Jiralhanae warlord named Atriox. The Keepers were more organized and rigid in their structure, with a strict chain of command and a religious doctrine dedicated to joining the ancient Forerunners in divine transcendence- akin to what drove the Covenant during the war."