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Ballas as he appears in the Halo Encyclopedia (2022 edition). Courtesy of Covenant Canon on Twitter.
Legionmaster Ballas





Other role(s):

Leading the legions of the Banished

Notable individuals:


"You have another explanation then, Legionmaster?"
Inslaan 'Gadogai to the bickering Legionmasters.[2]

Legionmasters or Master of Clans[3] are Jiralhanae Chieftains in charge of differing Banished legions with considerable degrees of autonomy. They are commanded by a War Chief.

Banished legions were typically disorganized Jiralhanae pack conglomerates sizable enough to earn the title, and often raced each other to the plunder.[4]

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  1. ^ In Halo Infinite, the TACMAP describes En'Geddon as the leader of the Ravaged Tusks, while his Target profile describes him as the leader of the Bulwark of Bone. This could be an error subject to change at a later date.


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