Jiralhanae Warlord

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Direct critical operations

Other role(s):

Keeping packs in-line


Jiralhanae power armor

Notable individuals:

"Indeed, many a prideful chieftain has forgotten who their work should be enriching and have wound up on the receiving end of a Warlord’s personally-fashioned gravity hammer."
Jeff Easterling on Jiralhanae Warlords.[1]

Jiralhanae Warlords are a class of Jiralhanae Chieftains serving in the Banished. Warlords have been promoted by Decimus for their raw strength, savage lust for battle, and the complete absence of mercy to serve as loyal agents positioned to intercede on the Banished leaders’ behalf to bring recalcitrant packs to heel and direct critical faction operations. Answerable only to Atriox and Decimus, Warlords are feared by many lower-ranking Jiralhanae and hated by Let 'Volir’s troops.[1][2]


Halo Wars 2[edit]

  • Info: Melee hero, Powerful area attack, cannot attack air, One active hero limit.
  • Tier: 1
  • Cost: Population 0, Supplies 300, Power 275
  • Warlord upgrade: Hammer Pull
    • Info: Equips Warlord's hammer with a gravity beam to drag targets closer
    • Tier: 1
    • Cost: Supplies 0, Power 300
  • Warlord upgrade: Hammer Stun
    • Info: Warlord's Hammer stuns and deals AoE
    • Tier: 2
    • Cost: Supplies 0, Power 460
  • Warlord upgrade: Siphon
    • Info: Warlord gains health with each attack
    • Tier: 3
    • Cost: Supplies 0, Power 600

The Jiralhanae Warlord is exclusive to Decimus and can be built at the War Council. Warlords are great against infantry and vehicles, okay against structures, and cannot attack aircraft. In Blitz a Warlord costs 170 energy and features the Siphon ability to steal health from enemies.


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