Brothers of Unending Ire

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Brothers of Unending Ire
Arthoc on Installation 07. Courtesy of Nakai (Covenant Canon) on Twitter.
Arthoc, Captain of the Brothers of Unending Ire.






Korth the Wrender
Captain Arthoc


The Brothers of Unending Ire are a clan of Jiralhanae, sworn to service within the Banished.[1]


Post-war era[edit]

The Brothers of Unending Ire have been responsible for conducting raids on United Nations Space Command for at least around a decade between 2550 and 2560, led by Korth the Wrender. During this era, Captain Arthoc personally lead upwards of forty-eight raids on human colony worlds, with a particularly notable assault on Terceira that claimed the lives of three squads of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers.[2][3]

Joining the Banished[edit]

More recently as of 2560, the Brothers of Unending Ire have pledged their allegiance to the Banished, to causes unknown to the Office of Naval Intelligence. Following this, Arthoc was promoted into the order of the Bloodstars, and all members of the Brothers were tagged by ONI intelligence as an extreme threat to all UNSC forces.[2]


The Brothers of Unending Ire are divided into a number of subordinate units including at least two combat elements and their constituent packs.[2]


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