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Terceira is a planet in the Cavalier system and a human Outer Colony of the United Earth Government. The planet is orbited by a single moon, Victory. A watery world, Terceira is home to volatile weather and vast oceans. Following the Human-Covenant War, Terceira was occupied by the United Rebel Front in 2552, leading to a protracted campaign until the United Nations Space Command was able to retake the planet.[1]



Terceira was colonized in 2440 and settled as an Outer Colony of the Unified Earth Government.[1] A number of hydroelectric platforms[2] and isolated research centers were established across the planet's oceans, providing meteorologists and scientists with vast volumes of research data on Terceira's extreme weather conditions.[1]

Post-Covenant War[edit]

In late 2552, following the end of the Human-Covenant War, the United Rebel Front violently took control of Terceira,[1] instigating revolts against the government.[3] The United Nations Space Command began launching operations to recapture Terceira, but it would not be for several years until the Terceira campaign saw the recovery of the colony.[1]

Inner-plated Mjolnir forearms gained popularity among Spartans while suppressing revolts on Terceira.[3] In a highly classified operation, several CIO-armored Spartans were deployed to Terceira, where they captured and transmitted information crucial to the recovery of the colony from Insurrectionist forces.[4] The United Rebel Front's scattered remnants regrouped on the hydroelectric platforms distributed across Terceira, leading to the UNSC to deploy a number of "wake siege specialists" to retake the platforms. These operators were armored in OCEANIC-class Mjolnir, specifically intended to be used in aphotic, deep-sea operations.[2] After some years of conflict, the UNSC succeeded in recovering Terceira, but rooting out and eliminating the remaining insurgents and terrorists that hide across the planet has proven to be a futile effort.[1]

In the latter years of the 2550s, Arthoc of the Brothers of Unending Ire launched a vicious ambush on UNSC forces on Terceira that claimed the lives of three entire squads of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers.[5]


Terceira is a watery world with vast oceans and lush archipelago chains, often considered a blush, veritable paradise at first glance.[1] However, the planet's beauty hides the native dangers of Terceira. With volatile and extreme weather conditions year-round, the long, winding stretches of islands on Terceira are affected by tsunamis and hurricanes, wreaking havoc on local populations.[1] The swamps of Terceira are roamed by giant crocodiles.[6]


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