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Halo tidbits
Favorite Halo moment
Either giving the Covenant back their bomb or Halsey defending Chief from the unknown investigator.
Anything else
-First Halo game was Halo Wars

-First Halo FPS was Halo: Reach

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Recent activity
Edited the page ONI Section Three
"Added in some links and some information for things already on the wiki."
Edited the page Brume-sur-Mer
"Started the page."
Edited the page Battle of Circinius IV
"Fixed the order of battles in the infobox."
Edited the page Battle of Biko
"Fixed the order of battles in the infobox. Also, specified the date in t..."
Edited the page Battle of Bliss
"Fixed the order of battles in the infobox, and changed a section title f..."
Sent a message to Shockviper
"Hello, and welcome to Halopedia. As you say, you are new to wikis, so I..."
Edited the page Type-27 Mantis
"Fixed a broken link."
Is now friends with Dab1001
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hey dude, whats up, new to this and wikis in general tried to join the SCP site but that didn't go to well