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The symbols of the UNSC are the symbols used to identify the organization and its branches.


UNSC logo

This logo was used on the wings of UNSC frigates,[3][8] on MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor,[4] and on the sides of vehicles like the M12B Warthog.[9]
  • Post-war era - Its first uses were in late 2552, appearing on Warthogs and crates,[9][10] before becoming commonplace by 2557.[5]
The logo, saw use on the side of the UNSC Infinity,[5] on the wings of Strident-class heavy frigates,[11] and on the sides of vehicles.[5] A slightly modified version of the logo was used in the UNSC Tactical Simulator, where the word "TACSIM" was added.[12] A partially colored version of the logo was painted on to the floor of a meeting room in HIGHCOM Facility Bravo-6.[13]

UNSC wordmark

  • Post-war era - A specialized wordmark was used by the UNSC as early as 2554.[14]

Similar to the UNSC's Human-Covenant war era symbol, UNSCDF symbol's earliest sighting was in 2525.[15] It continued use up until 2552.[16]

Branch logos

  • ONI logos - ONI uses several symbols, including their seal[17] and a logo similar in design to the UNSC's Human-Covenant war era logo.[18]
  • Army logo - The army's logo is composed of a chevron and triangle with a star in it.
  • Navy logo - The navy's logo is composed of an arrow, point upwards and away from a star, above several chevrons and layered over a globe. It was in use starting in at least 2554, being semi-transparent on papers used for official reports.[14]
  • Hellbringers logo - The Hellbringer logo consists of a flame, with a two tone pattern behind it.[20]


  • Unit emblem - Numerous units within the UNSC have their own emblems, uniquely related to the unit the emblem belongs to.


Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Main article: Halo: The Master Chief Collection

The ONI logo is a usable emblem and nameplate in the Master Chief Collection.

Halo 5: Guardians

Main article: Halo 5: Guardians

The post-war UNSC logo, the ONI seal, the Navy's logo, the Army's logo, and the ODST logo as well as several unit logos are all Multiplayer emblems, acquirable through the Requisition system.



Harness/general hub page work

  • Assault harness - The Assault harness is an ancient type of armor that is fully sealed. Formerly restricted by the Covenant, dissident Sangheili decided to reuse it during the Covenant civil war.[21]
  • Sangheili combat harness - The combat harness is the ubiquitous armor system available to Sangheili of all ranks. The armor exists in a wide range of colors, and there are slight functional and aesthetic variations.[22][23]
  • Commando harness - The Commando harness is a lighter and sturdier variant. It is equipped with hardened communications gear and uplink capabilities, for use by Commando Units.[21]
  • Officer harness - Contrary to standard Majors who use the combat harness, the Officer subclass is equipped with a more ornate harness and helmet.[41] It exists in dark golden red and matte burgundy.[25][26]

Specialty harnesses

  • Arbiter body armor - The Arbiter armors were an extremely rare type of harness only donned by ancient Sangheili judge-kings, and by specific Sangheili appointed by the Hierarchs during the Covenant era.[42][22]

Religious order harnesses

City hub page

There is more information available on this subject at CMDR RileySV/Sandbox on the English Wikipedia.

A city is a type of settlement that sapient species create.



Prior to the activation of the Halo Array, of humanity's greatest cities was Marontik.

Post-Halo human cities often have transit systems featuring Maglev trains.[46][47][48] Quite a few cities also prominently hosted Space elevators.[49][50][47] Cities often have their own emergency forces, such as the New Mombasa Police Department, Boston Emergency, or Elysium City Law Enforcement.

Post-Halo human cities are sometimes arcologies. Several examples of this include the Castra Arcology,[51] the Haven arcology.[52][53] and New Mombasa.[note 1]

Species of the Covenant

  • Kig-Yar - The Kig-Yar had developed at least one major city, Tilu City. It was old and primarily filled with merchants.[58]


  • Forerunner - Forerunners built their own cities. The most famous of which was the city-station of Maethrillian. Forerunners also built cities on planets, some of which survived the nearly 100,000 year gap from the firing of the Halo Array.[55]


  1. ^ In this piece of concept art for Halo 3: ODST refers to the large structures in the map as being from an arcology.


Human history page/section

Pre-UN founding

Circa 97,445 BCE, humans were returned to Earth and watched as the Portal at Voi was buried. N'chala, one of the those ancient humans left an Out-of-place handprint.[59] Around the 5th Millennium BCE, Egypt was formed.[60] In 480 BCE,[61] 300 soldiers from Sparta defended Greece at Thermopylae.[62]

During the Second Punic War at the Battle of Cannae, the Roman Republic fought Hannibal. In the battle, Hannibal employed the pincer maneuver by ordering a tactical retreat of his forces and using horse riders to flank the Romans.[63] In 31 BCE,[64] Marcus Agrippa saved Rome at the Battle of Actium.[65] On August 24, 79 CE, Mount Vesuvius erupts and destroys Pompei.[66]

Kurt Ambrose detailing the Battle of Agincourt.

In 1066, the Battle of Hastings took place and in 1415, the Battle of Agincourt took place.[67] On August 24, 1456, the Gutenberg Bible is printed.[66] In 1597, Admiral Yi Sun-sin defeated a Japanese fleet of 133 vessels with only 13 ships of his own at Myeongnyang Strait.[65]

In 1759, the Battle of Minden took place. This battle became the namesake for a UNSC starship.[68] In 1775,[69] the United States Marine Corps was founded, elements of which would be passed down to the UNSC Marine Corps.[70][69] In the 18th-century, the conical bullet was developed[71] and the piezoelectric effect was discovered.[72]

Over the course of the 18th and 19th-centuries, the colonies of Britain diverged socially and economically resulting in a schism. In one case, a war.[73] During the War of 1812, Oliver Hazard Perry won control of Lake Erie.[65] In 1836,[74] Colonel William Barret Travis and others defended the Alamo.[75]

The American Civil War took place, with tin daguerreotypes that displayed a battlefield with cavalry, cannons and charging men being kept in the Officers' club of the UNSC Gettysburg.[76] The American Civil War was also the first time a team of photographers took images of war.[77]

World War I saw the first uses of flamethrowers.[70] In 1918, during Operation Michael, Oskar von Hutier used shock penetration strategy.[65]

World War II started in 1939.[78] John Forge's family had members fight in World War II.[79] During the war, the British cracked a German encryption scheme.[80] Isoroku Yamamoto crippled the US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor.[65] This attack was compared to the 26th-century Fall of Reach by Chief Petty Officer McRobb.[81] The war came to a close with the first usage of human Nuclear weapons at Nagasaki and Hirshima.[69] The bomb at Hiroshima left a domed structure still standing.[82] Following the Second World War, war photography was commonplace.[77]

A plethora of historic figures from before the UN's founding existed including Chester W. Nimitz, Themistocles, Lysander,[65] Jimmy Doolittle, Lilya Litvyak,[83] Cleopatra, Genghis Khan,[84] and Roland with his sword Durendal.[85]

Several pieces of music from before the UN's founding include the Rachmaninov composed Piano Concerto Number Three[86] and the Mahler composed Symphony No. 2[87] both of which Dr. Halsey listens to. As well, there was the music of the last act of Der Ring des Nibelungen, something Richard Lash was familiar with.[88]

UN era

Early human steps on Luna.[89]

In 1945, the United Nations was founded.[69] 16 years later, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin would be the first human being to orbit the Earth.[90] Eight years after that, human beings would take their first steps on Luna.[69] During the Cold War, the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile was first created.[91] During the Vietnam War, war photography was used to sway public opinion.[77] On August 24, 1995, Microsoft introduces the Windows 95 operating system.[66] During humanity's early days of space exploration, they used rocket ships and space shuttles.[82]

Around the early 2000s, fringe theories on humanity's origins began to emerge. The Society of the Ancients, believed that aliens had helped humanity construct technologies.[92] Dr. Jonas Volman wrote the book The Castaway Theory, that supposedly brings light to issues in human evolution.[93] The early 21st-century also saw the first planetary confirmations of what would eventually become Reach.[94] In 2021, the International Society of Civil Engineers was formed.[95]

The United Nations first established the Unified Earth Government in 2075.[96] Luna, Mars, the Jovian Moons and several asteroids would first be settled by humans in 2080.[97] 2090 and 2103 also saw the ends of large scale conflicts.[98] In the 2100s, the British Houses of Parliament were destroyed in a domestic terrorist act.[99]

In response to the rising Koslovics, the recently formed Friedens bombed an embassy in Thynia, Europa in 2158.[100] The Jovian Moons Campaign, Rainforest Wars, Battle of Delambre, Mars Campaign and finally, the Interplanetary War all came from the continued clashes between these factions. Sometimes these separate conflicts are collectively referred to as the Interplanetary war.[70]


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UNSC Armed Forces


Ground Combat



Battle of Example


Post-Covenant War conflicts








UNSC Icon.png United Nations Space Command

Mdama Icon.png Jul 'Mdama's Covenant


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