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Venezian Militia
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The Venezian Militia is a paramilitary force on the lawless human Outer Colony planet of Venezia.[1]


In April of 2553, Staffan Sentzke intended to use Ket-pattern battlecruiser Pious Inquisitor to find out about his daughter's disappearance by threatening Earth with the ship. Then, he intended to hand the battlecruiser over to the militia.[2] However, Staff Sergeant Malcolm Geffen and Corporal Vasily Beloi, part of the highly covert Kilo-Five Office of Naval Intelligence intelligence unit, infiltrated the Venezian Militia to stop Sentzke. Using a tracer planted by Vaz, Kilo-Five attempted to seize control of Pious Inquisitor using Venezia's slipspace communicator. However, their hack was foiled by the ship's Huragok, Sometimes Sinks, who alerted Sentzke of the attempted intrusion.[3] The two were taken to the Stuttgart armory to be interrogated.[4] They were eventually rescued when the rest of Kilo-Five raided the armory.[5]

In July of 2553, the Venezian Militia pledged their support to the Keepers of the One Freedom—a cult formed from the remnants of the Covenant—and provided them with weaponry and a safe haven in New Tyne.[6] The militia also formed allegiances with Minister Arlo Casille of the Gao Republic, who wished to break Gao's remaining ties with the Unified Earth Government. When the minister discovered the presence of an ancilla on Gao, he contacted the Venezian Militia and the Keepers.[1] The militia, represented on Gao by Reza Linberk, supported the Keepers in reaching the planet and attempting to retrieve the ancilla, though the militia covertly intended to steal the ancilla for themselves.[6] However, the UNSC eventually managed to defeat the cult and leave Gao with the AI.[7]

Organization and equipment[edit]

The militia's operations are governed by the Militia Council.[8] The Venezian militia's headquarters are located in New Tyne, Venezia's capital city. Stavros's bar was a common meeting spot for militia members.[9] The militia employs many of Venezia's citizens, however, most lack experience and are aging human insurrectionists.[10] The usual militia attire is mismatched camo pants, tactical vests, and a plain t-shirt.[11] The militia uses the UA/CMA SN5 Type 11 shoulders.[12]

As of April 2553, the militia had gained control of several Calypso-class exfiltration craft, which they kept at the New Tyne Airfield.[13] The militia has acquired several human and Covenant aircraft including AC-220 Vultures, AV-14 Hornets, B-65 Shortswords, D82-EST Darters, and Ru'swum-pattern Phantoms.[14]

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