Edvin Sentzke

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Edvin Sentzke
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New Tyne, Venezia


Staffan Sentzke (father)
Laura Sentzke (mother)


Naomi-010 (paternal half-sister)
Hedda Sentzke (sister)


Janey Sentzke (wife)


Kerstin Sentzke (daughter)

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Edvin Sentzke is a Venezian Insurrectionist. He is Staffan Sentzke's son and Naomi-010's half-brother.


Edvin Sentzke was born to Staffan Sentzke and his second wife Laura Sentzke, two years before his sister Hedda Sentzke. His father informed him about his older half-sister, Naomi-010, and his belief that she was kidnapped by the UNSC.[2] He married a woman named Janey and together had a daughter named Kerstin in 2547.[3]

Living on Venezia with the rest of his family, Edvin farmed and did odd jobs like many of New Tyne's adult population. He, like his father, was part of the Venezian militia operating in the city. He frequently accompanied his father as he carried out arms deals and negotiations.[4]

In 2553, he accompanied his father and Shipmaster Sav Fel to inspect the stolen battlecruiser Pious Inquisitor. They traveled to the Shaps system where Fel demonstrated the ship's destructive power by glassing a Forerunner site on Shaps III. Edvin asked Fel about the Covenant's ritual cleansing ceremony, but Fel informed him that he was never present for such things. Fel also introduced them to the onboard Huragok, Sometimes Sinks, and offered him as an AI replacement. Once the deal was concluded, they left Sinks in charge of the ship and returned home. Edvin asked his father to abandon his plan to use the ship himself and instead hand it over to the militia.[5]

When Malcolm Geffen and Vasily Beloi of Kilo-Five infiltrated the Venezian militia, Staffan and Edvin learned that the two supposed UNSC deserters had experience with operating Covenant technology and took them to see Pious Inquisitor.[6] However, Edvin and his father quickly came to doubt the two Marines' cover story when Sav Fel was abducted after an unknown party attempted to remotely seize control of the ship. Edvin and Staffan found Mal and Vaz at Stavros's bar and informed them of Fel's disappearance. When Vaz suggested they return to Pious Inquisitor to move it as a precaution, Staffan agreed. As they left the bar, the militia ambushed Mal and Vaz and had them taken to the Stuttgart armory to be interrogated.[7]

The militia interrogated the Marines for some time, but they were eventually rescued by the rest of Kilo-Five, who also took Staffan hostage. After escaping the Inquisitor in a Spirit seconds before the ship exploded, Staffan wished that he had relayed a document about Naomi's past and Spartan history to Edvin.[8] Later, while in a bar on Cascade, Vaz felt that it was a shame that Edvin may never find out his father was correct about Naomi and hoped that Staffan managed to get in touch with Edvin.[9]

Personality and traits[edit]

Edvin is a loving father and family man, who was very protective of his father. When Vaz informed Staffan that he knew the truth about Naomi's disappearance during his and Mal's interrogation, Edvin threatened to kill them, believing that they had accessed Sansar's civilian records and were just trying to take advantage of Staffan's obsession of Naomi.[10][11] Edvin himself never truly believed in his father's allegations that Naomi had been replaced with a clone. At times, he worried that his daughter, Kerstin, might suffer from the supposed genetic illness in their family.[3]

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