Shaps system

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Stellar overview

Spectral type:

F2 V[1]

Orbiting planets:

Fourteen (Shaps III, Pydoryn)[1]

Societal overview

Notable events:

Skirmish on Pious Inquisitor


Ecumene (formerly)


The Shaps system is a planetary system with fourteen planets in orbit around the F2 V star[1] Shaps' Star,[2] located within the Milky Way galaxy. The system is located 8.7 light-years away from the Cordoba system.[1]


The Shaps system was once part of the Forerunner ecumene. The Forerunners had established a settlement on the system's third planet, Shaps III.[2]

In 2553, Sav Fel brought Staffan Sentzke and Edvin Sentzke to the Shaps system to try out the Pious Inquisitor's energy projector. Sav chose Shaps III to test it since it was a wasteland with ancient ruins and no one would notice the energy spike.[2]

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