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"Fel's a cheeky old crow, isn't he?"
Edvin Sentzke[2]

Sav Fel is a Kig-Yar T'vaoan pirate operating in the aftermath of the Human-Covenant War.[3] Fel owned a large manor five kilometers outside New Tyne on Venezia.[4]


Service with the Covenant[edit]

Sav Fel served in the Covenant during the Human-Covenant War. During the war, he witnessed numerous human colonies being glassed by the Covenant. He had seen several Forerunner artifacts and ruins during his service.[5]

Criminal career[edit]

After the war, Fel became a pirate who came to the attention of Kilo-Five during their time at Sanghelios due to his apparent possession of the Ket-pattern battlecruiser Pious Inquisitor.[3][6] Fel had been entrusted by the Servants of the Abiding Truth to transport the ship to one of their shipyards. When the Blooding Years erupted, he decided to take the ship, planning to sell it later.

In April 2553, he was observed by Naomi-010 and Vasily Beloi in New Tyne, Venezia in the same vehicle as the insurrectionist Staffan Sentzke.[7] Sentzke later visited Fel at his home, located just five kilometers outside New Tyne. There they discussed the transaction of Pious Inquisitor. As payment, Fel demanded particle beam rifles, dropships, and plasma pistols. Sentzke stated that he would first need to see the ship and test its ventral beam. Fel informed him that the ship was in another system and that he planned to show him something extra when he saw the ship.[8]

A week later, Fel called Sentzke and told him that he was ready to take him to the ship. The next day, he met with Staffan and his son Edvin on Weymouth Island. They left Venezia in Fel's missionary vessel and boarded the Pious Inquisitor. Fel introduced them to the onboard Huragok, Sometimes Sinks, and offered him as an AI replacement.[9] They traveled to the Shaps system where Fel planned to demonstrate the ship's destructive power by glassing a barren planet. While enroute to the planet, Sav-Fel and his lieutenants, Eith Mor and Dhak, began arguing about getting the deal closed, getting paid and then lying low. Arriving on Shaps III, Sometimes Sinks told Fel that he couldn't use the ship's energy projectors since there were Forerunner artifacts on the surface of the planet. Fel decided to put the Huragok in the brig while they tested the energy projectors, although he was worried that the Huragok might reconfigure the locks.

As Fel prepared to test the beam, Edvin asked him about the Covenant's ritual cleansing ceremony, but Fel informed him that he was never present for such things. Fel and his crew then activated the ventral beam and glassed a Forerunner site on the planet. Sometimes Sinks accessed the ship's broadcast system and began wailing, upset that they were destroying Forerunner artifacts. Sav Fel sent Dhak to go quiet Sinks. After seeing the planet's molten surface, Staffan asked to try out the cleansing beam for himself, to which Fel approved. After glassing a portion of the planet, Sentzke finished the ship's transaction with Fel and kept Sinks in exchange for one Darter ship.[10] With the deal completed, Sav Fel's crew parted separate ways and Fel returned to his home in Venezia, pleased to have finally sold the ship.[11]

Reclaiming the Pious Inquisitor[edit]

At around the same time, Avu Med 'Telcam of the Servants of the Abiding Truth put out a reward to the Kig-Yar for the whereabouts of the Pious Inquisitor. A T'vaoan shipmistress named Chol Von accepted his contract, planning to located the ship and acquire it for herself. Chol eventually tracked down Fel's lieutenant, Eith, and learned they had already sold it to the human militia on Venezia.[12]

Chol and her crew later arrived on Venezia and confronted Fel at his home, kidnapping him and taking him aboard their ship Paragon. Fel refused to tell Chol the location of the warship, fearing that doing so would anger Sentzke and place the lives of his chicks and mate at risk. Chol asked him to just concoct a story when he returned home that would allow him to escape any kind of retribution after revealing the location of the ship. Fel agreed and was taken along by the crew of Paragon to the Pious Inquisitor, still in orbit around Shaps III. Meanwhile, Fel's mate had noticed that he disappeared. Initially blaming Staffan, his mate realized that Staffan was not responsible for Sav's disappearance and instead ordered Staffan to search for Fel.[13]

Chol would not let Fel leave until her crew controlled the ship.[14] Sav cooperated with Von and her crew with ease and warned her of Sometimes Sinks' noncompliance.[15] Fel remained with Zim on Paragon's bridge, as Chol and others of her crew boarded the ship.[16]

Personality and traits[edit]

Fel generally remained emotionless and stoic when dealing with customers. Sav Fel had little care for Forerunner objects, unless they were useful. He did not believe in the Covenant religion, considering the Forerunners to be false gods and just an "extinct alien race". He remained unmoved when he was glassing the ruins on Shaps III's surface, despite Sometimes Sinks' objections.[17] When Sinks began wailing over the destruction of the Forerunner artifacts on Shaps III, Fel just became annoyed and sent Dhak to go quiet the Huragok, believing that Sinks was ruining a sale.[18] Sav Fel did care for his family and clan members, having them move with him to Venezia for safety. He was initially unwilling to cooperate with Chol Von to steal the Inquisitor back from Staffan, believing the human would kill his mate and chicks.[19]

Despite being kidnapped from his homestead, Fel was still very relaxed and calm, as well as willing to cooperate rather rapidly with Chol Von and her crew to find the Pious Inquisitor.[20] He was willing to pay Von in gekz to get a ride back to Venezia and was still untroubled with tagging along with the crew to capture the Inquisitor.[21]

He thought lowly of the Sangheili, believing that their obsession with honor and reliance on the San'Shyuum was causing their struggle after the Human-Covenant War.[22] During his criminal career, Fel had created many enemies and rivals that were willing to turn him in to authorities or steal his "merchandise".[23]


Sav Fel is the first T'vaoan to be identified by name in the Halo universe.

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