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Eith Mor
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Eith Mor is a Kig-Yar operating in the post-Human-Covenant War era.[2]


Eith lives on the Kig-Yar homeworld of Eayn. His clan's territory is located in Tilu City. His cousin Huz Mor-Kha processes scrap metal on the Riran highway.

In 2553, Eith Mor accepted a contract to deliver the battlecruiser Pious Inquisitor to a shipyard for the Servants of the Abiding Truth. He served as one of shipmaster Sav Fel's lieutenants along with Dhak. When the Blooding Years began, they stole the ship and planned to sell it to Staffan Sentzke, a human insurrectionist on Venezia.

He later accompanied Fel and Sentzke to test Pious Inquisitor's energy projectors. When they arrived in the Shaps system to test them, Sav, Eith and Dhak began arguing about getting the deal closed, getting paid and lying low. Sentzke accepted to take the ship after they glassed a Forerunner site on Shaps III. Once the deal was completed, the crew parted ways and Eith traveled to the Station of Constant Sustenance, where he made arrangements with the shipmaster of Distant Beacon to return home on Eayn.

During this time, Eith was tracked down by the T'vaoan shipmistress Chol Von, who was searching for Fel and hoping to acquire the Pious Inquisitor. She arrived at the resupply station and while her crewmen Nulm and Bakz guarded the exit doors, she broadcasted a message offering Eith passage home to Eayn. After receiving his description, Eith was spotted by Bakz. Chol pursued him and watched him try to escape by jumping down from a high deck unto a heap of sacks. Chol followed suit and with the help of Nulm, pinned him down. When asked about the ship, Eith informed her that they had sold it. He was then puzzled when Chol asked him about Fel's whereabouts and the location of Fen-Es-Ya. An elderly Kig-Yar then intervened and told Chol about Venezia in the Qab system. Eith then told Chol the ship was last seen over Shaps III. Satisfied with what they learned, Chol and her crew left. Eith dusted himself off and deciding not to take Chol's offer as traveling with her would be a risk.[3]

Physical appearance[edit]

Eith wore a bright blue vest and had pale light skin. He has a few missing teeth.[4]

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