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Chol Von
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Chol Von is a T'vaoan Kig-Yar and mate to Vek. She was one of the few Kig-Yar that believed the species should unite to form a central military and naval force to protect their home system.[1] In April 2553, she was contracted by Avu Med 'Telcam to recover the Pious Inquisitor from Kig-Yar pirate Sav Fel.


Early life and military career[edit]

Chol Von was born on the Kig-Yar asteroid colony of T'vao, in her clan's territory in Myur City. She was raised by her mother, Ais. Ais had regurgitated food for her to eat until she first moulted her feathery down.[2]

During the Human-Covenant War, Chol Von served as shipmistress of the missionary ship Joyous Discovery, which she renamed Paragon at the first opportunity during the Great Schism.[2] At some point she captured a Phantom, killing two Sangheili in the process. She would later use it as her personal transport.[3] After the collapse of the Covenant she lost her ship. She has four sons; Hiiq, Gon, Kij, and Laik, whom she was forced to take care of herself since her mate, Vek, had gone to Reynes to find tantalum deposits, something she considered cowardly.[4] She wished to teach her chicks self-control, rather than to simply "toughen" them up.[5]


Following the end of the war, Chol Von sought to create a united naval force to defend the Kig-Yar from outside threats. In April 2553, she attended a meeting on Dal'koth with several other notable and high-ranking Kig-Yar to discuss the current status of the galaxy. At Dal'koth, she expressed her ideas to unite the Kig-Yar, which was met with mixed responses.[6] Towards the end of the meeting, Avu Med 'Telcam, the leader of the Servants of the Abiding Truth, contracted Von. He contracted her to track down the battlecruiser Pious Inquisitor, previously stolen by another Kig-Yar, Sav Fel, and return the ship to the Abiding Truth for a payment of eighty-thousand gekz.[7] However, Von intended to seize the battlecruiser for herself instead, and use it as the backbone of her planned Kig-Yar navy.

After gathering a crew from the port of Ap'ot, she took control of the Paragon again. She recruited Zim, a former scout who served under her, as her lieutenant.[8] With her crew, she traveled to Eayn to track down Eith Mor, a known associate of Sav Fel. Upon arriving in Tilu City, she came across Huz Mor-Kha, Eith's cousin. She interrogated him with Zim and eventually discovered that Eith was at the Station of Constant Sustenance.[9] At the space station, she succeeded to tracking down Eith. Mor attempted to escape but was caught and interrogated by Von after a brief chase. Eith revealed that the Inquisitor was over the human colony of Venezia. Satisfied with the information she had gained, Chol Von and her crew then left the station.[10]

After arriving in New Tyne on Venezia, Chol and her two more aggressive crew members, Bakz and Nulm, were directed to Sav Fel's manor. When they located Fel, he tried to leave for business he had at the nearby mines. Nulm and Bakz approached him and pinned him against his Warthog.[11] When they returned to the Paragon with Fel, the Kig-Yar plotted a course for the Inquisitor. Chol had Bakz lock down all communications on the ship to prevent others from learning that they had discovered the ship's location.[12]

Skirmish aboard the Inquisitor[edit]

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Eventually, Von and her crew discovered Pious Inquisitor and forcibly cut their way inside. While Chol led several teams to take over the Inquisitor, Fel and Zim remained on board the Paragon with the rest of the crew.[13] However, the ship's resident Huragok, Sometimes Sinks, was highly apprehensive of the Kig-Yar and hindered with their attempts to use the battlecruiser's systems, even transitioning the ship to a location designated by its current owner, Staffan Sentzke.[14] The slipspace jump uncoupled Pious Inquisitor from Von's ship, killing several of the Kig-Yar in the process.[15] Von was locked in a compartment with Noit and Bakz. The three were eventually able to break their way out of the compartment with laser-cutters and made their way to the bridge.[16]

With Von's crew locked down in different compartments of the ship, Sometimes Sinks offered the Kig-Yar the chance to leave, opening passages to one of the shuttle bays. However, Chol was determined to keep the ship even as it was boarded by the human special forces team Kilo-Five. Black-Box, Kilo-Five's AI, was inserted into the Inquisitor's systems. To avoid future conflicts, BB offered Chol and her crew the chance to use one of the ship's Spirit's to leave, but she refused.[17] While Kilo-Five made their way through the ship, five other Kig-Yar were killed. BB began to taunt Von, but she was unfazed by his insults, believing the ship was now worth more with a human AI.[18]

The humans having killed several of Von's crew and bearing down on the bridge, Von ordered Ril to detonate the ship's plasma torpedo reserves, choosing to destroy Pious Inquisitor over leaving it to the humans. As Chol and her team attempted to leave the bridge, the Spartan-II, Naomi-010, entered the bridge and killed Noit. Von and Bakz were able to flee from the Spartan.[19] She and her remaining crew then made their way to a shuttle bay in order to escape.[20]

Personality and traits[edit]

Chol Von's ideals and beliefs often contrasted with the typical Kig-Yar mindset. She believed that the Kig-Yar should unite and work together. Von held herself in high regard, believing that she could have any mate that she wanted.[4] She enjoyed inspiring fear in others, considering herself to be a fearsome sight. Chol was quick to anger and impatient. During her attempt to steal back the Pious Inquisitor, she became stressed and annoyed as the plan became more complicated.[21] However, Chol is very persistent. She was willing to visit numerous worlds to find the Inquisitor. Once Chol and her crew had boarded the ship, she refused to leave until her life was at risk, despite being offered the chance to leave numerous times earlier.[22]

Chol believed that Kig-Yar were a superior species and that they would evolve, while the other species degenerate.[23] However, Von thought that T'vaoans were better than other Kig-Yar subspecies.[24] She despised the Unggoy—believing them to be a "minor race"[25]—and dreaded having to interact with one.[26] She held some respect for humans, often agreeing with their ideologies. Chol enjoyed using human expressions in conversations.[27] She disliked the "abusive terms" that humans used to refer to the Kig-Yar, such as "chicken". Although these terms enraged her, Chol would never express her anger because she did not want the humans to have the satisfaction.[23]


Chol Von armed herself with an unidentified laser pistol which she kept fastened in a harness on her hip.[13] She used it while aboard the Pious Inquisitor to melt the panels of the compartment she was trapped in.[28]

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