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New Tyne



Governed by:

Venezian militia

"This place is like a bazaar."
Mike Spenser

New Tyne is a city on Venezia home to a very heterogeneous population, consisting of humans, Kig-Yar, Jiralhanae, Sangheili[1], and Unggoy.[2] New Tyne is essentially the only settlement on Venezia[3], making it the most prominent location on the planet.[3] It is a hotspot for insurrectionist activity and a refuge for deserters and criminals of all species. Everyone pracitcally knows one another in New Tyne. The city has an armed militia that stands in opposition to the claimed control by the Unified Earth Government, headed by Peter Moritz.[4]


In March 2553, Malcolm Geffen and Vasily Beloi infiltrated New Tyne with the help of Mike Spenser. It was here they discovered that Staffan Sentzke, Naomi-010's father, had joined the Insurrectionist movement.[5] Later, in April of that year, Kilo-Five resumed their investigation of New Tyne following actions on Sanghelios. Naomi and Vaz alerted Spenser when they spotted Sentzke in company with Shipmaster Sav Fel, the possessor of the stolen Covenant battlecruiser Pious Inquisitor. Naomi and Vaz went to Stavros's bar where they met Nairn, a member of the militia. Later on, Mal and Vaz also met up with Nairn and successfully infiltrated the militia. After Sav mysteriously disappeared, his mate, Nor Fel, consolidated power and wealth in New Tyne in the form of a a clearing house. By January 2557, the United Nations Space Command had stationed a buyer in New Tyne to recover military assets lost during the Human-Covenant War that were being sold in clearing house auctions.[6]


New Tyne is a small town with a mixed population and is under the de facto governance of the Venezian militia. Scattered farms and factories are found ten to fifteen kilometers away from the city.[7] The town itself has small homes, buildings, and office blocks that are generally similar in appearance. Anti-air batteries are placed on the corners of some of the city's intersections.[8] The south end of New Tyne is home to an old slate quarry and 15 Mount Longdon Road, Staffan Sentzke's homestead.[9] The quarry was formed during the excavation of sandstone for the city. It was later converted into a cathedral-like hangar whch holds numerous aircrafts for the militia.[10] Numerous bars are found throughout the town such as Stavros' Middle East Asian Cuisine and Bar[11] and Tiny Birds. The latter is considered the worst dive bar New Tyne has to offer and is tucked a one-story retail mall on its southern outskirts. South of New Tyne, there is a large, uninhabited forest.[12] The western side of the town is bordered by a river. Shipmaster Sav Fel lived in a large manor five kilometers west of the city.[13]



New Tyne is likely named after the River Tyne, a major river running through the city of Newcastle, England.

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