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Nor Fel
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Nor Fel is a T'vaoan Kig-Yar and mate to Sav Fel.[1]


In April 2553 Sav was kidnapped by Chol Von in an attempt to locate the CCS-class battlecruiser, Pious Inquisitor. Nor initially blamed Sav's business partner, Staffan Sentzke, but upon realizing he wasn't responsible, she ordered Staffan to find Sav.[2]

Four years after Sav's disappearance, Nor had created an empire on Venezia, centered around a clearing house of postwar scrap and surplus in New Tyne. During this time she established a profitable relationship with a human salvager, Rion Forge. Salvagers would bring in their goods; the clearinghouse cataloged them and took a percentage; and come the first day of every Venezian month, the items went up for auction. The items Nor sold ran from Titanium-A plating and molecular memory circuits to small arms and transport vessels. Her clients included people from industrial, tech, medical, and manufacturing sectors, along with ex-Covenant, fringe, and religious groups, rebels of one faction or another, and independent government militias. Rion Forge also knew for a fact the UNSC had their own buyer in New Tyne in case UNSC property passed through. Nor's clearinghouse was on the radar of every military group around, but it was left alone because of its location on Venezia and Nor refused to move heavy ordnance of any kind. In January 2557 Nor sold Rion intel regarding a lost human ship that turned out to be the UNSC Roman Blue.[1]

Personality and traits[edit]

Nor was described as devious and cunning, she possessed a greed that was only exceeded by the high regard in which she held herself and her T'vaoan lineage.[1]

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