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Nor Fel
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"They organizing, growing, rebuilding the Covenant. Dangerous, that… dangerous for everyone."
— Nor Fel, on the rise of Jul 'Mdama's Covenant[3]

Nor Fel is a wealthy Kig-Yar merchant of T'vaoan descent and the head of one of the preeminent clearing houses along the Via Casilina Trade Route. She is the mate of Shipmaster Sav Fel, a notorious pirate.[1]


Nor Fel was the mate to Sav Fel, a notorious pirate operating out of Venezia. The pair resided in an estate on the outskirts of New Tyne and had several chicks. In April 2553, Sav was kidnapped by Chol Von in an attempt to locate the Ket-pattern battlecruiser Pious Inquisitor. Nor initially blamed Sav's business partner Staffan Sentzke and threatened to slit his throat, but upon realizing he was not responsible, she ordered Staffan to find Sav.[4]

Four years after Sav's disappearance, Nor had created an empire on Venezia, centered around a clearing house of postwar scrap and surplus in New Tyne. During this time she established a profitable relationship with a human salvager, Rion Forge. Salvagers would bring in their goods; the clearing house cataloged them and took a percentage; and come the first day of every Venezian month, the items went up for auction. The items Nor sold ran from Titanium-A plating and molecular memory circuits to small arms and transport vessels. Her clients included people from industrial, tech, medical, and manufacturing sectors, along with ex-Covenant, fringe, and religious groups, rebels of one faction or another, and independent government militias. Rion Forge also knew for a fact the UNSC had their own buyer in New Tyne in case UNSC property passed through. Nor's clearinghouse was on the radar of every military group around, but it was left alone because of its location on Venezia and Nor refused to move heavy ordnance of any kind.[1] She operated within the confines of Venezian laws and the UNSC Salvage Directive.[5]

In January 2557, Fel sold Forge intel regarding a lost human ship that turned out to be UNSC Roman Blue.[1] After the search for Roman Blue lead to Forge's crew being attacked by Gek 'Lhar, Forge threatened to request for a refund unless Fel provided her with new intel.[2] Fel relented and provided her with the location of Radiant Perception's crash site on Laconia, but warned Forge of the presence of Mgalekgolo on the ship. She further warned Forge that several salvaging crews were disappearing at the hands of 'Lhar, including Ram Chalva.[3] After an encounter with 'Lhar resulted in the death of one of Forge's crew members, Fel provided Forge with information on 'Lhar's location on Komoya, giving the human an opportunity to exact revenge on the Sangheili.[6] When Forge's ship was briefly held by the Office of Naval Intelligence, Forge came to Fel's clearing house to use her sweepers to clear the ship of ONI tracking devices. Fel informed Forge that ONI had also raided the salvager's warehouses, though Fel managed to recover the datacore of a dumb AI for her.[7]

Forge later had Fel give 'Lhar the salvager's location, convincing Fel that 'Lhar might award part of the bounty on Forge's head to the T'vaoan, in order to intentionally disrupt a meeting between Forge and ONI.[8]

Personality and traits[edit]

Nor Fel was described as devious and cunning, possessing a greed that was only exceeded by the high regard in which she held herself and her T'vaoan lineage. She was an excellent strategist and a cunning trader, well aware that relations and good business were the key to profit.[1] Fel was loath to provide refunds to her customers and she was greatly reluctant to depart from even a single credit in her possession.[2] She regarded the rise of Jul 'Mdama's Covenant as bad for business and dangerous to all.[3] Like many T'vaoans, Fel has an avarice for glamorous objects, decorating herself in shiny rings on her fingers, with glass beads hanging around her neck,[2] and bejeweled claws. Fel is highly paranoid, owning an arsenal of military-grade surveillance sweepings.[7]

Nor often henpecked her mate Sav Fel,[9] and threatened to kill him if he left her. However, when Sav was kidnapped by Chol Von, Nor became greatly concerned over her mate's well-being.[4] Despite their differences, Fel and Rion Forge understood each other and enjoyed a close, mutually beneficial relationship.[1] The good working relationship between the two was profitable for Fel, leading to her ensuring Forge remained in business.[3] She despised the Office of Naval Intelligence.[7]

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