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Procyon system[1]










Laconia is a planet situated in the Procyon system, and a neighboring planet to the human Outer Colony of Arcadia. A cold, volcanic world, Laconia is uninhabited.[1]


Unlike its neighboring planet Arcadia, Laconia was never colonized by humans due to its inhospitable environment. During the Human-Covenant War, in February 2531, Arcadia was attacked by the Covenant. During the battle, CPV-class heavy destroyer Radiant Perception intercepted a log buoy containing the location of UNSC Spirit of Fire, but was damaged by a Magnetic Accelerator Cannon round shortly after. Radiant Perception crash landed on Laconia. Following the battle, the Covenant was aware of the destroyer's location, however the ship was abandoned by the empire according to various rumors. One rumor claimed that most of the crew survived the crash, but the ship's Mgalekgolo crew slaughtered their fellow soldiers and proceeded to multiply across the whole planet.[2]

In January 2557, Rion Forge and the crew of Ace of Spades traveled to Laconia in an attempt to retrieve the log buoy aboard Radiant Perception. However, reformed Covenant forces led by Gek 'Lhar had arrived at Laconia moments earlier in a war-freighter, apparently searching for the Luminary aboard Radiant Perception. Forge and Cade snuck aboard Radiant Perception, where they discovered that the destroyer was occupied by a lone, dying Mgalekgolo. After the two recovered the log buoy, they mercy killed the Mgalekgolo after its own request and returned back to Ace of Spades. As they prepared to leave, the crew of Ace noticed 'Lhar and his compatriots firing upon the missing salvager Ram Chalva. After rescuing Chalva, Ace of Spades briefly engaged 'Lhar's war-freighter before fleeing to the orbit of Arcadia.[3]


Laconia is a cold, volcanic planet. The planet has an atmosphere composed largely of oxygen and nitrogen,[1] breathable to humans, Sangheili, and Lekgolo without the necessity of a protective suit or oxygen tank,[4] though the air is thin and harsh. The volcanoes on Laconia are mildly active and occasionally emit sulfur dioxide and volcanic ash into the atmosphere. The planet's surface is coated with cooled, rocky volcanic flows.[1]


Laconia is likely named after the Greek region of Laconia, located in the southeastern part of the Peloponnese peninsula. This region was home to the ancient city-state of Sparta. It also gave rise to the laconic phrase. Notably, the region of Laconia borders the region of Arcadia, the namesake of one of the planets neighboring Laconia in the Procyon system.

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