Procyon system

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Procyon system
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Unified Earth Government


The Procyon system is a planetary system. Arcadia, a human Outer Colony world is located in this system. Procyon is orbited by at least four planets.[1] It is situated five days Slipspace travel from the Epsilon Indi system.[2]


In 2429, the fourth planet orbiting Procyon, Arcadia, was colonized by the Unified Earth Government, becoming a human colony known for its recreational amenities. Arcadia was invaded by the Covenant in 2531. The system's defense fleet engaged the Covenant ships, suffering heavy casualties.[2] However, the Covenant left the system soon after without glassing the planet. A small number of human colonists remained on the planet in the town of Abaskun. It would remain a mostly lawless region, but continued to supply the UNSC with food. The Covenant would return to Arcadia later in 2549, glassing it.[3]


  • Arcadia - a human colony glassed by the Covenant.
  • Laconia - uninhabited.

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