Ministry of Fervent Intercession

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The Ministry of Fervent Intercession was a Covenant ministry that dealt with securing Forerunner reliquaries.[1] The ministry was a semi-monastic organization that was considered to be "obsessed" with the discovery and control of Forerunner sites. The Ministry of Fervent Intercession boasted a large amount of Sangheili Zealots within its ranks,[2] which were commonly deployed to achieve ministry goals.[1] The fanaticism held by those within the Ministry of Fervent Intercession while charged with defending Forerunner sites made them useful during the Covenant's war against humanity, though the ministry's commanders rarely paid any heed to orders that did not deal directly with the safety of reliquaries.[2]

The Ministry of Fervent Intercession was held in awe by many within the Covenant. As a result of the ministry's prestige and force of ancient writs dating back to the founding of the Covenant Empire, fleets within the ministry had the authority to call upon resources and volunteers directly from the empire's colonies and even other ministries.[2] The Devoted Sentries—a unit of Zealots tasked with the recovering of Forerunner artifacts—was hand-picked and drawn from the Ministry of Fervent Intercession by Supreme Commander Rho 'Barutamee.[3]

Though Zealots—largely from Hesduros—continued to serve among the new "Covenant" led by Jul 'Mdama as late as 2558,[4] the ministry itself was likely dissolved alongside the Covenant in 2552.


Intercession is the act of interceding or praying to one's deity.

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