Ministry of Abnegation

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The Ministry of Abnegation was a ministry of the Covenant, formed alongside the empire in around 852 BCE.[1]



As stipulated by the Writ of Union, the Ministry of Abnegation was responsible for overseeing the Ascetics, a Sangheili order that was dissolved and reconstituted as a subordinate of the Ministry during the foundation of the Covenant.[1]



Writ of Union[edit]

The Ministry of Abnegation was formed around the time the Writ of Union was formed. Under the terms of the Union the Ascetics were dissolved and reconstituted under the then-newly formed Ministry, where for centuries the Ascetics served.[1]

Great Schism[edit]

Following the demise of the Covenant and its ministries during the Great Schism, the Ascetics were revived as an independent order by Sangheili warriors.[1]


Abnegation means to deny or renounce something, which fits with the Asceticism's role of self-denial.