Ministry of Resolution

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The Ministry of Resolution was a Covenant ministry with oversight of the military.[1] Initially, the ministry was a minor organization within the Covenant that was responsible for countering piracy and ensuring the safety of trade and conversion ships. Assignment to the Ministry of Resolution was considered an honorable posting, as members were implicitly removed from the rest of society and assigned to missions outside the explored rim of Covenant space for extended periods of time.[2]

Following the beginning of the Human-Covenant War, the Hierarchs directed the rapid growth of the ministry as it provided cover to send Covenant fleets beyond the fringe of colonized space and then hide combat losses to hinder inconvenient questions by Sangheili military leaders.[2] The Ministry of Resolution was responsible for directing any offensive warfare for the Covenant, such as the campaign against humanity. In particular, the Ministry was in command of the fleet that appeared just after the Long Night of Solace was destroyed over Reach. Although the Arbiters served as agents of the Hierarchs, they fell under the ministry's authority.[1]

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