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The Ministry of Concert was a ministerial political body that settled disputes between the Covenant's species and represented the political interests of the lower caste members of the Covenant hierarchy, including the Unggoy, the Kig-Yar, and the Yanme'e.[1]


During the Infusion Incident, an Unggoy distillers' union brought the case to the Ministry of Concert. Due to the case's seemingly trivial nature, the case was to be dealt with by junior staffer Ord Casto. Casto investigated the matter and discovered that radical Kig-Yar shipmasters were behind the poisoning of the Unggoy's infusion supplies on High Charity and on Kig-Yar vessels. Casto brought his evidence before the Minister of Concert and recommended stiff penalties for all Kig-Yar involved. However, the matter was dismissed by the Minister of Concert, who was willing to accept several thousand sterile Unggoy and did not wish to upset the entire Kig-Yar race. The Kig-Yar responsible for the incident were fined for damages, but they were not imprisoned. After the Ministry of Concert repaired and assessed the Kig-Yar vessels, they were brought back into service. Ord Casto, feeling that the case was not properly solved, submitted a formal complaint to the Ministry. The Minister ignored the complaint, citing that the Unggoy would quickly recuperate their losses and threatened to impede the progress of Casto's political career if he continued to inquire. The lack of investigation in the case eventually culminated to the Unggoy Rebellion in 2462.[2]

After the rebellion was quelled by Arbiter Heki 'Gibadee, the San'Shyuum that served as the Minister of Concert was dismissed and was succeeded by the future High Prophet of Tolerance. He would ultimately promote better relations between all members of the Covenant species and gained the favor of the High Council.[3] Ord Casto would gain political favor in the Ministry, largely due to the Infusion Incident, and would eventually serve under the Ministry of Fortitude.[4]


The Ministry of Concert was charged with settling internal inter-species disputes within the Covenant. The Ministry was headed by the Minister of Concert.[1] Due to their lack of representation on the Covenant High Council, all political interests and concerns of the Covenant's lower caste species, including the Unggoy, the Kig-Yar, and the Yanme'e, were handled by the Ministry of Concert. Even after they gained many new rights following the Unggoy Rebellion, the Unggoy's representation in the Ministry was largely powerless.[5] While the Kig-Yar held some sway in political dealings, some Kig-Yar openly protested their unequal representation by the Ministry, though they were usually unsuccessful.[6][7] The Ministry of Concert was similar in purpose and function to the Covenant Ministry of Kindly Subjection, as both Ministries dealt with inter-species affairs.[8]

In its day-to-day duties, the Ministry of Concert managed the Covenant's vast network of coordination platforms, used to support and maintain Covenant fleets and oversee the Covenant's tithe-worlds - with one such station placed in every system.[9]

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