Ministry of Anticipatory Security

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Ministry of Anticipatory Security
General overview


Executive ministry[1]


Prophet of Excellent Redolence[1]

Headed by:

Minister R'Noh Custo[1]

Organizational overview



Part of:

Covenant government[1]


High Charity[1]

Historical overview


c. 850 BCE[1]


850 BCE[2]


Cresanda: "Anticipatory Security—what does it do?"
Prophet of Inner Conviction: "I suspect it deals with security matters by anticipating them."
— Cresanda and the Prophet of Inner Conviction[3]

The Ministry of Anticipatory Security was a short-lived ministerial body of the early Covenant. The ministry was charged with anticipating and halting possible security matters on High Charity before they became a threat.[1] The ministry was automatically informed when a San'Shyuum consulted the High Charity medical interface about pregnancy, allowing the ministry to monitor San'Shyuum genetic diversity.[4]


"Ministries seem to proliferate. Certainly faster than San'Shyuum. Soon there will be more Ministries than there are members of our species."
— The Prophet of Inner Conviction[5]

In 850 BCE, the Ministry of Anticipatory Security was established by the Hierarchs and the office of Minister of Anticipatory Security was given to politician R'Noh Custo.[1] The Prophet of Inner Conviction speculated that the ministry was created particularly by the High Prophet of Excellent Redolence to allow him to remove individuals that threatened his power and title by claiming that individual was a danger to High Charity.[3]

Shortly after the ministry's foundation, Custo threatened to use his new-found influence against the Prophet of Inner Conviction unless he led a mission to Janjur Qom, the San'Shyuum homeworld, to retrieve several willing female San'Shyuum to help lower inbreeding rates on High Charity and to retrieve a Forerunner luminary.[4] Reluctantly, Inner Conviction agreed and departed for the planet shortly after. However, one of the members of the expeditionary team, Vervum L'kosur, was an operative of the Ministry of Anticipatory Security. Following the Minister's orders, L'kosur attempted to execute Inner Conviction as the ministry anticipated that the Prophet would "inevitably become a security problem",[6] but Vervum was ultimately killed by Stoic warriors on the planet.[7] Despite the betrayal, the Prophet of Inner Conviction was partly successful in the mission and returned to High Charity with the females, though the luminary was destroyed.[8]

Upon his return to High Charity, the Prophet of Inner Conviction and the Minister of Anticipatory Security were both brought before the Hierarchs. After the testimonies of Inner Conviction and the Sangheili expedition members, the Hierarchs were informed that an agent of the ministry—L'kosur—attempted to assassinate Inner Conviction, which had a part in the luminary's destruction. The intervention of Qurlom, a former Hierarch and friend of Inner Conviction, convinced the Hierarchs that the ministry and its minister were to blame for the destruction of the luminary. The Hierarchs agreed to dissolve the ministry and punish Custo for allowing his personal dislike of Inner Conviction to prevent him from completing the ministry's agenda.[2]

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