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The High Prophet of Excellent Redolence, born Quidd Klesto, was a San'Shyuum politician who served as a Hierarch of the Covenant during the First Age of Reconciliation.[1]


Quidd Klesto took the title of "High Prophet of Excellent Redolence" during his Ascension ceremony, and served as one of the first Hierarchs of the Covenant alongside the High Prophet of Unity and the High Prophet of the Glorious Journey. At some point, Excellent Redolence and politician R'Noh Custo had planned to kidnap Stoic females from Janjur Qom to help prevent inbreeding on the Forerunner Dreadnought. Mken 'Scre'ah'ben was appalled by this plan and he informed the other two Hierarchs, which resulted in Excellent Redolence becoming overruled. While Excellent Redolence pretended to shrug off the matter, he did not forgive Mken.[1]

In 850 BCE, the Prophet of Excellent Redolence established the Ministry of Anticipatory Security and appointed Custo as its Minister.[1] The new ministry allowed Excellent Redolence and Custo to eliminate anyone that proved to be a threat to their power, by claiming that the individual was a future threat to High Charity.[2] Excellent Redolence and Custo arranged another plan to retrieve a Luminary, artifact, and females from Janjur Qom, though the females were willing this time. Excellent Redolence had Custo contact Mken, now the Prophet of Inner Conviction, and used his wife's pregnancy and his former status on the Roll of Celibates to blackmail him into leading the dangerous expedition to Janjur Qom.[3] The Prophet of Inner Conviction was not willing to lead the dangerous expedition, so he attempted to schedule a meeting with the Hierarchs in the Hall of Sacred Guidance. However, only Excellent Redolence and Custo were present during the meeting. Inner Conviction requested to speak with all three Hierarchs, but Excellent Redolence accused him of insinuating that the High Prophet was breaching High Council protocol. Excellent Redolence asserted that the other Hierarchs had charged him with overseeing the expedition. Inner Conviction attempted to explain why another San'Shyuum would be more fitted for the mission, but Excellent Redolence insisted for Mken to lead the mission and threatened him with execution if he continued to resist. Eventually, Inner Conviction reluctantly accepted to lead the mission.[4]

During the expedition, an agent of the Ministry of Anticipatory Security attempted to assassinate Inner Conviction.[5] Although the attempt failed, the Luminary was destroyed when the expedition team was leaving the planet's atmosphere. Upon their return to High Charity, the excursion team and Custo were brought before the triumvirate of Hierarchs. The Sangheili members of the team and Inner Conviction gave testimonies that held Custo and his Ministry responsible for the assassination attempt. Excellent Redolence doubted the reliability of the Sangheili's testimonies, though the Prophet of Unity interjected and reworded Excellent Redolence's doubts by questioning the likelihood of Inner Conviction altering the story of the expedition to avoid blame. While the other Hierarchs focused on Vervum's assassination attempt, Excellent Redolence wished to punish Inner Conviction for the loss of the Luminary. Qurlom, a former Hierarch and a friend of Inner Conviction, intervened, citing that the Book of Hierarchs allowed former High Prophets to voice their opinions, much to Excellent Redolence's displeasure. Qurlom insisted that the loss of the Luminary was a sign from the "gods" that proved that the Covenant was not yet ready for the Great Journey. At Qurlom's suggestion, the Ministry of Anticipatory Security was disbanded for its involvement in Inner Conviction's assassination attempt and Custo was severely demoted. When Custo attempted to defend himself, Excellent Redolence subtly reached for the controls on his throne's gravity cannon. Custo noticed the motion and immediately left the room before he could incriminate Excellent Redolence as well. Qurlom informed the Hierarchs that the location of Ussa 'Xellus and his followers was discovered, and Excellent Redolence made Inner Conviction responsible for quelling the rebellion.[6]

Personality and traits[edit]

The Prophet of Excellent Redolence wanted to appear overtly as a serious, witty San'Shyuum with fine wisdom. However, in reality, he was quick to anger, very manipulative, and a "raging tyrant".[4] He was skilled in subtle aggression and with insinuating threats. Those who crossed him often received dire consequences.[1] Mken 'Scre'ah'ben considered the High Prophet to be a coward who "jockeys for power when others have their back turned", as he often used the underlings in his entourage—such as R'Noh Custo—to blackmail his rivals.[3] When speaking to subordinates that he did not care for, he slouched in his throne to unconsciously express his overconfidence in his power. He occasionally addressed others by their birth name to put them in their place.[4] In public, he preferred to humbly be called "Excellent".[1]

Excellent Redolence wore a golden crown that closely followed the shape of his forehead, and he donned a loose-sleeved robe that was bluish-purple in color.[7] The Hierarch operated an elegantly articulated anti-gravity throne that had a branching golden mantle. The symbol of the seven installations of the Halo Array—in the "Arrangement of Holiness"—was projected in a hologram above him. A single, blue ring from the center of his crown constantly glowed. The symbolism and elegance of his throne was meant to intimidate others. The Sangheili Honor Guardsmen, that he often surrounded himself with, were intended to give off the same effect.[4]

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