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Vervum L'kosur
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Vervum L'kosur was a San'Shyuum who served in the Covenant fleet as the captain of the Vengeful Vitality, a stealth corvette.[2] He was an agent for the Ministry of Anticipatory Security.[3]


Vervum L'kosur served in the Reformist military during the skirmish at Anvarl in 860 BCE. During the battle, he was one of the numerous San'Shyuum soldiers protecting a relic recovery team on the planet, alongside several Aggressor Sentinels.[1] When the Sangheili forces began to overwhelm the group, High Lord Mken 'Scre'ah'ben ordered them to retreat and return to the Forerunner Dreadnought orbiting the planet. Once Vervum and the rest of the group returned to the Dreadnought, the keyship began to decimate most of the Sangheili forces on the planet.[4] Vervum would later decorate his anti-gravity chair and uniformed robe with holograms and stars that represented the battle.[1]

Vervum L'kosur served as a captain of stealth corvette Vengeful Vitality in the Covenant fleet. In 850 BCE, he became an operative of the Ministry of Anticipatory Security, serving directly under its Minister, R'Noh Custo. The Ministry assigned him under the command of Mken 'Scre'ah'ben, now the Prophet of Inner Conviction, on an expedition to Janjur Qom to retrieve a party of Stoic females and a Forerunner Luminary.[2] An agent of Custo, the Minister had ordered Vervum to assassinate Inner Conviction at some point during the mission to allow Custo to take sole credit for the mission's success.[3] Upon arriving at the planet, at Inner Conviction's commands, Vervum monitored transmissions from Janjur Qom to learn the fundamentals of the Stoics' culture and technology.[1] The team landed on the planet's surface and prepared for the mission. While Inner Conviction was out of his chair to stretch his muscles, Vervum took this opportunity to disable the chair's weaponry.[5] Trok 'Tanghil saw the captain tamper with the chair, but believed that the San'Shyuum was merely adjusting it.[3] After the team arrived in a jungle just outside the grotto of the Great Transition in search for the Luminary, Vervum led the group towards the grotto until they reached the Luminary's location. Although the team seemingly came across a dead end. Huragok Floats Near Ceiling approached the wall and inserted one of its finest cilia into it and eventually opened a hidden doorway. Inside the hidden room, the Huragok activated a device and a hologram played that showed the Halo Array—the Purifying Vision of the Holy Path. Vervum, becoming increasingly agitated and nervous, attempted to take the Forerunner artifact for himself, but Inner Conviction managed to take it first. Although he pretended not to notice the captain's attempt to take the artifact, Vervum's move further supported Inner Conviction's earlier suspicions that the captain was an agent of Custo.[6]

At this time, Stoics discovered the group's location and waited outside the grotto for them. After the team located the Luminary and Inner Conviction recovered it, Vervum made his move against the Prophet. Taking cover behind evidentially allied Sangheili Ranger Loquen 'Nvong, the captain and the Sangheili held the others at gunpoint and ordered for Inner Conviction to hand over the Forerunner artifacts. As a firefight broke out between Loquen and Vil 'Kthamee, Vervum attempted to kill the latter with his chair's weaponry, but he only inflicted minor wounds. As Inner Conviction, Vil, and Floats Near Ceiling backed into a corner, the Huragok activated one of the grotto's doors and sealed the three inside a room.[7] The Stoics, angered by the gunfire, entered the grotto and attacked Vervum and Loquen. Vervum was killed in the ensuring battle, while Loquen was captured. Vervum's corpse and chair were later taken away by the Stoics.[8] Vervum's failed assassination attempt led to R'Noh Custo's crimes becoming known to the Hierarchs and the disbanding of the Ministry of Anticipatory Security.[3]

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