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Floats Near Ceiling was a Huragok that served with the Covenant during the early years of the empire.[1]


At some point, Floats Near Ceiling had been taught to pick up repair request signals from Forerunner artifacts through an "Engineer communication frequency". However, he had forgotten about the skill for a time.[2] Following the creation of the Covenant, Floats Near Ceiling worked together with Sangheili Ranger Vil 'Kthamee several times. In 850 BCE, the Huragok was assigned to corvette Vengeful Vitality with Vil for a mission to Janjur Qom to retrieve Forerunner artifacts and San'Shyuum Stoic females.[1]

Upon arriving at the planet, the Huragok, along with Vil, Trok 'Tanghil, Loquen 'Nvong, Captain Vervum L'kosur, and the Prophet of Inner Conviction traveled to Janjur Qom's surface in a dropship to begin the expedition. While passing through the planet's atmosphere, Floats Near Ceiling suddenly picked up several repair request signals from the various broken Forerunner artifacts scattered around Janjur Qom. He was initially confused as to what the signals meant, but soon remembered being taught. While the Huragok desired to fix the machines, Vil reminded him that the team needed to acquire the artifacts that they had come for. While Trok remained with the dropship, the rest of the team departed for the grotto of the Great Transition.[2] The team came across the grotto and an apparent dead end, after traversing through a dense jungle. Floats Near Ceiling approached the wall and inserted one of his finest cilia into it and eventually opened a hidden doorway. The Huragok activated a device inside the hidden room and a hologram played that showed the Halo Array—the Purifying Vision of the Holy Path. At that moment, Loquen spotted a patrol of Stoic warriors and their folasteed mounts waiting outside the grotto for the team. Inner Conviction had Floats Near Ceiling activate another device that presented a Luminary, and the Prophet took both devices himself. However, Vervum and Loquen betrayed the team and held them at gunpoint. As a firefight began, Floats Near Ceiling closed the door between the traitors and himself, Vil, and Inner Conviction. As the passage closed, Vil fired at the entrance of the grotto to attract the attention of the Stoics.[3]

The Stoics attacked Loquen and Vervum, and the latter was killed while Loquen was captured. As the Stoics departed the grotto, the Floats Near Ceiling reopened the door and the trio left. The three returned to the dropship and the Forerunner artifacts were safely stored inside the craft's storage compartments. The team then piloted the dropship to the village of Crellum to retrieve the females.[4] After the females were acquired, the team returned to the corvette. As Vengeful Vitality prepared to leave Janjur Qom's orbit, the vessel was struck by a Stoic missile. Floats Near Ceiling quickly worked to repair the ship's power lines, and the vessel soon gained full power. Although the corvette managed to return to High Charity, the Luminary was destroyed during the attack.[5] When Inner Conviction was put on trial before the Hierarchs for the loss of the Luminary, he mentioned the possibility of using Floats Near Ceiling as a witness. This suggestion was turned down, as the Hierarchs believed Huragok to be too easily influenced.[6]

Personality and traits[edit]

Floats Near Ceiling was an efficient worker and very trustworthy. Like most Huragok, Floats Near Ceiling had no agenda other than to repair and maintain equipment, and follow directions. Having worked together several times, Sangheili Vil 'Kthamee had formed a bond with the Huragok. Vil eventually learned to quickly translate for the Huragok. Vil found Floats Near Ceiling's presence to be "curiously comforting". He was recognizable from other Huragok by the mottling of his air sacks.[1] Floats Near Ceiling was protective of Forerunner artifacts; he felt the need to repair the damaged Forerunner technology on Janjur Qom,[2] and later attempted to protect a Luminary from traitor Loquen 'Nvong.[3] He also wanted to repair Captain Vervum L'kosur's anti-gravity chair after it was damaged when the San'Shyuum was killed.[4]

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