Purifying Vision of the Holy Path

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"We are not yet worthy! But the Purifying Vision informs us that we are on the Path—and it gives us clues...which one day may lead us to Halo!"

The Purifying Vision of the Holy Path, or simply the Purifying Vision, is the San'Shyuum name given to a legendary Forerunner relic on Janjur Qom, capable of projecting a hologram of a Halo installation expanding outward from the Greater Ark.[2] The artifact, along with a Forerunner Luminary, was recovered from the grotto of the Great Transition by the Prophet of Inner Conviction in 850 BCE, during an expedition to Janjur Qom’s Reskolah region. Although its luminary was lost during the expedition, the Purifying Vision was successfully brought to High Charity, where it would serve as a tool of religious affirmation of the Great Journey and help strengthen Sangheili loyalty within the newly founded Covenant Empire.


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