850 BCE

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850 BCE


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  • In the First Age of Reconciliation, the Prophet of Inner Conviction, the Minister of Relative Reconciliation, and the Sangheili treaty commission reconvene to discuss the disappearance of Ussa 'Xellus and his followers.[1]
  • The Ministry of Anticipatory Security is established by the High Prophet of Excellent Redolence and R'Noh Custo is appointed as its Minister.[2]
  • The newly designated Minister of Anticipatory Security tasks the Prophet of Inner Conviction with a mission to Janjur Qom to retrieve a group of Stoic females and a Forerunner Luminary, threatening to use his new-found influence to place the Prophet on the Roll of Celibates if he declines.[3] Despite his best efforts, the High Prophet of Excellent Redolence forces Inner Conviction to reluctantly accept command of the expedition.[4]
  • The Ussans continue to develop their new colony on Shield World 0673, calling it the Refuge. Monitor Enduring Bias informs Ussa and Sooln 'Xellus of the shield world's "Disassembler" process that allows the world to break itself apart and have its disparate parts remain habitable. Intrigued, Ussa investigates the process further.[5]
  • The Prophet of Inner Conviction is given command of stealth corvette Vengeful Vitality, and a crew consisting of San'Shyuum Captain Vervum L'kosur, communications officer S'Prog, and weapons officer Mleer, Sangheili Trok 'Tanghil, Vil 'Kthamee, Ziln 'Klel, and Loquen 'Nvong, and the Huragok Floats Near Ceiling. The corvette then departed for Janjur Qom.[6]
  • Growing distrustful of Ussa, Salus 'Crolon and 'Drem begin to conspire against the Refuge's leadership. Tersa 'Gunok refuses to join them, but becomes inadvertently involved with the conspiracy nonetheless.[7]
  • Vengeful Vitality arrives at the Reskolah region of Janjur Qom and a team is sent to the planet's surface, led by the Prophet of Inner Conviction. Upon arriving at the grotto of the Great Transition, the group retrieves a Luminary and a device.[8] Loquen and Vervum betray the rest of the team, upon the orders of the Minister of Anticipatory Security. However, due to the intervention of Vil and Floats Near Ceiling, the others escape while Vervum and Loquen are killed or captured by the Stoics.[9]
  • Tersa becomes infatuated with Lnur 'Mol, and the two walk together in Ussa's Garden. They overhear 'Crolon and 'Drem attempt to convince two others to join their secret rebellion, but Tersa and Lnur are spotted. The two manage to outrun 'Crolon and 'Drem, but the latter two falsely claim that Tersa and Lnur are conspiring against Ussa.[10]
  • Covenant forces discover the location of the Ussan Sangheili rebels. Former Hierarch Qurlom delivers the news in the middle of the Prophet of Inner Conviction's "trial" in front the other Hierarchs. Inner Conviction is sent to lead a fleet to the Refuge while the Minister of Anticipatory Security is demoted.[11]
  • A Covenant fleet led by the Prophet of Inner Conviction arrives at the Refuge to destroy the last resistance to the Writ of Union. The Prophet secretly contacts Ussa to try to get him to surrender, but Ussa rejects. After a brief battle between Ussan Sangheili and boarding Covenant Sangheili and Sentinels, Ussa contacts Inner Conviction and tells him to pull back his forces or they will perish with his soldier when he destroys the shield world. Amazingly, he does just that, although he and other Ussans survive in separate sections. The Prophet of Inner Conviction decides not to look for survivors and returns to High Charity in partial failure once more.[12]
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