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Ziln 'Klel
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850 BCE

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Ziln 'Klel was a Sangheili warrior who served as a Ranger in the Covenant military during the Covenant's early years.[1]


Ziln 'Klel was assigned to the Prophet of Inner Conviction's expedition team in 850 BCE, charged with traveling to Janjur Qom to retrieve a Luminary, the Purifying Vision of the Holy Path, and a group of female Stoic San'Shyuum to High Charity. Operating aboard corvette Vengeful Vitality, the team ventured to Janjur Qom. After several members of the group recovered the Forerunner artifacts, 'Klel and Commander Trok 'Tanghil joined Inner Conviction and Vil 'Kthamee to retrieve the female Stoics from the village of Crellum.[1]

The team soon arrived at the village via dropship and found the Stoic females, led by Lilumna, riding on top of an ilpdor named Erb. 'Klel and the rest of the expeditionary team departed from Crellum and attempted to return to their dropship through the nearby jungle. While en route, they were intercepted by Stoic warriors riding atop of folasteeds. A firefight soon broke out between the two groups. Loquen 'Nvong—a Sangheili member of the expeditionary team that had betrayed the group earlier, only to be captured by Stoics—was ripped apart in front of 'Klel and the others to frighten them. Despite this, 'Klel charged at the Stoics, firing his weapon. However, he was eventually shot in the torso, and promptly killed when he was shot in the head seconds after.[2]

Personality and traits[edit]

Ziln 'Klel was a stocky Sangheili warrior. Despite the Sangheili's reputations for extreme acts of bravery, 'Klel was known to be shaky and often appeared to be frightened while on duty. The Prophet of Inner Conviction believed that the selection of a cowardly Sangheili for his mission to Janjur Qom was due to the Minister of Anticipatory Security's intentions to set Inner Conviction up for failure.[1] However, when he battled Stoic warriors on Janjur Qom, he put his fears aside and bravely charged at them. However, he was eventually killed in the process.[2]

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