Toha 'Sumai

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Toha 'Sumai
Biographical information


Bothaes, Qivro, Sanghelios[1]


Before 2555[1]






Toha 'Sumai was a Sangheili aristocrat who was widely regarded as one of the best swordfighters on Sanghelios, his renown bringing great honor to his home state of Bothaes. As a swordsman, 'Sumai had the right to mate with any female he chose, and so fathered Usze 'Taham with the wife of a wealthy merchant.[2] 'Sumai—under the guise of an uncle—aggressively trained Usze in swordsmanship. 'Sumai had died by 2555.[1] In the years following the Human-Covenant War, Usze worked to preserve his father's legacy.[3]


Unlike most Sangheili warriors, Sumai's name does not possess the "-ee" suffix. Rather, his name bears the "-ai" suffix, which denotes swordsmanship. His case is similar to Tulum 'Juranai and Bero Kusovai's, who are also master swordsmen.

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