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The landscape of the continent of Qivro.

Qivro is one of the five continents on Sanghelios, the homeworld of the Sangheili.[1][2]


When a Guardian was discovered off the coast of Qivro, ancient Sangheili elders established stone fortresses on the continent's shore to observe and worship the immense construct. Centuries later, the city of Sunaion was built near the Guardian.[3] Before the Sangheili became a spacefaring race, Qivro fell under the control of a tyrannical Arbiter judge-king. The Arbiter was eventually overthrown by a coalition of kaidons known as the Swords of Sanghelios.[4]

After the Covenant's collapse in 2552, Qivro became the focal point for the resulting civil war when both the Swords of Sanghelios and Jul 'Mdama's Covenant clashed on Sanghelios in October 2558. 'Mdama wished to target the ancestral lands of Arbiter Thel 'Vadam and Sunaion—off the coast of Qivro—was viewed as an optimal staging site, allowing the Covenant quick access to the coasts of Yermo, including Vadam Harbor and the heavily fortified Kolaar Mountains. After capturing Sunaion, the Covenant began formulating plans to assault Vadam, but the Swords of Sanghelios established a forward operating site among the ruins of Nuusra on Qivro.[3] The resulting battles led to clashes throughout Sunaion and Nuusra, as the Arbiter and the Covenant fought for control of the Guardian off the continent's coast.[3]


Qivro is a continent on Sanghelios, located to the east of Yermo; the two continents are separated by the Csurdon Sea. Along the western coast of Qivro is Nuusra, a long and narrow territory on Qivro that is home to numerous temples and ruins.[3][5] The southern regions of the continent is home to the state of Zolam,[2] In the north of Zolam was a mountain range and vast plains, as well as the Temple of the Sundered Sky, one of the many Forerunner structures still standing in Zolam.[6] The wilderness of Qivro was home to the state of Bothaes.[7]

The southern hills of the continent are home to maegophet and doarmir, as well as the predatory helioskrill.[2] The kryn'qodon are semi-avian gliders which occupy the clefts and ridges in the more desolate upper-reaches of the Nuusra territory, scavenging carrion and hunting fist-sized dust mites. The orzil beetle is native to the western shores of Qivro, primarily thriving in mountainous coast of Nuusra.[8]

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