Vadam Harbor

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Artwork of Vadam Harbor.
Vadam Harbor circa 2559.

Vadam Harbor is a body of water in the state of Vadam, ruled by the House of 'Vadam and located on the coasts of Yermo on Sanghelios.[1][2]



Vadam Harbor is located on the coast of Vadam Valley, opposite the slopes of Kolaar Mountain. The harbor is approximately thirty miles away from Vadam Keep and is visible from the keep.[1][3] The harbor is easily accessible from the Csurdon Sea and the city of Sunaion.[4]


Source of wealth[edit]

During the Human-Covenant War and previous eras, work from the harbor brought in profits for the state.[5]

Blooding Years[edit]

In March 2553, Sangheili insurgents led by the Servants of Abiding Truth launched an assault on the state of Vadam, gathering ground forces in Vadam Valley along the edge of the harbor. Arbiter Thel 'Vadam was caught off guard as his own reinforcements couldn't arrive on time, and he reluctantly accepted Admiral Terrence Hood's offer of assistance. The UNSC Infinity destroyed the assaulting ground forces with a MAC round, leaving a large crater on the coast that would be filled in with water, effectively extending Vadam Harbor inland.[6]

Due to the Csurdon Sea's proximity to Vadam Harbor, the city of Sunaion was occupied by Jul 'Mdama's Covenant in October 2558 when the faction plotted an attack on Vadam.[4]

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