Vadam Valley

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The State of Vadam on Sanghelios
Vadam Valley nestled between Vadam Harbor (left) and Kolaar Mountain (right).

The Vadam Valley is a valley located in the state of Vadam in the continent of Yermo on Sanghelios.[1][2][3]


Topography and ecology[edit]

Vadam Valley is situated between Vadam Harbor and Kolaar Mountain.[2] From Vadam Keep on the lower slopes of Kolaar Mountain, one can look over the valley towards the harbor and distant sea.[3][4]

The valley contains homes and properties scattered throughout,[2] including the tenement islands for the forge-workers of the Kolaar Manufactorum. These are large compounds in-comparison to the single-brood merchant domiciles that lined the Old Borough, which is also in the valley.[1] From the perspective of the buildings in the valley, Vadam Keep looms above them in the foothills of Kolaar Mountain.[5]


Ther 'Vadams escape from Vadam keep[edit]

In the House of Vadam story of Ther 'Vadam, when Ther escaped Vadam keep, he climbed down a cliff face before coming to the valley, where he swam down the river to safety.[6]

Blooding Years[edit]

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In March 2553, Sangheili insurgents led by the Servants of Abiding Truth launched an assault on Vadam Keep, gathering ground forces in Vadam Valley along the coast. As Arbiter Thel 'Vadam's reinforcements couldn't arrive in time, he reluctantly accepted the UNSC's offer of assistance. The UNSC Infinity destroyed the assaulting ground forces with a MAC round, leaving a large crater on the coast of Vadam Valley. The crater filled in with water, effectively extending Vadam Harbor inland.[7]

By 2559, Thel 'Vadam allowed several humans to live in Vadam Valley, including Spartan-IV Olympia Vale, who was supplied with a villa to live in as she served as a liaison between 'Vadam and his human allies. The other humans in the valley were engineers and technical advisers who had once helped Kolaar Manufactorum design the small runs of weapons and armor they produced for the UNSC, and then became trapped on Sanghelios when Cortana and her Created rose to power.[8]

Created uprising[edit]

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In late 2559, a tenement island was destroyed by Created armigers as they searched for Keely Iyuska, a human xenoarchaeologist who had the discovered the existence of a method to defeat the Created's Guardian Custodes.[8] Following the High Gathering, the Crav carrying Arbiter Thel 'Vadam passed through the valley's Old Borough on the way back to Vadam Keep. The vehicle was stopped by Created armigers while attempting to search for those who took part in the fighting,[1] presumably Iyuska in particular.[8]

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