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Kolaar Manufactorum
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The Kolaar Manufactorum is a forge located in the Sangheili state of Vadam, on the Sangheili homeworld of Sanghelios.[1] The forge-workers for the Manufactorum lived in large tenement islands within the Vadam Valley.[2] Certain materials needed for the creation of their products come from deep-sea mines on Feldokra, mined by Ghe 'Talot's clan.[3]



The forge produces a variety of equipment for both civilian and military forces allied with the state of Vadam,[4] including the HELIOSKRILL-class Mjolnir armor used by the SPARTAN-IVs and the Mikpramu-pattern Phantom used by various Covenant remnant factions.[5][6][7] The Swords of Sanghelios have contracted Kolaar to produce A'uzr-pattern sword frigates for the Swords' navy.[8]


Following the Human-Covenant War, Sangheili and United Nations Space Command scientists collaborated in an attempt to discover how the blamite, from Sanghelios' moon of Suban, functioned. The result from the research was listed as inaccessible by the Office of Naval Intelligence.[9]

By 2559, Kolaar Manufactorum was experimenting with adding human stealth components to a Mikpramu-pattern Phantom as part of a deal agreed to by Lord Terrence Hood.[10]

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