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The following is a verbatim transcription of an official document for archival reasons. As the original content is transcribed word-for-word, any possible discrepancies and/or errors are included.

This is a local archive of posts by the Halo Waypoint forum member Catalog in the year 2014.

Canonical posts[edit]

John-117 + Miranda Keyes?[edit]

Query Answer: Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey is the biological mother of Commander Miranda Keyes.[1]

  • Reference: <ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint''': ''John-117 + Miranda Keyes?'' (post 2959428)]</ref>

Questions about Reach datapads and Flood[edit]

Query Answer: The purported "Assembly" is referenced in logs recovered by Spartan B-312 during combat operations on Reach. This organization appears to be a group of rogue AI constructs which have been observing and guiding humanity. The reliability of this information has been contested.[2]

  • Reference: <ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint''': ''Questions about Reach datapads and flood.'' (post 2959494)]</ref>

Mantle's Approach Size[edit]

Query Answer: Promethean Command Warship, designation Mantle's Approach.

Alert! Seed pattern not approved by Council authorities: provisional authorization given by Master Builder. Multiple configurations of Warship design noted in records. Pending Domain contact, model dimensions are provided for analogous hull pattern:

Height: 25.266 [units]
Width: 9.43 [units]
Length: 11.364 [units]

Preliminary analysis confirms that [UNSC Navy Threat Database] records [ref: Halo 4 Visual Guide, p. 193] reflect last known configuration of Mantle's Approach in local reference dimensions.[3]

  • Reference: <ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint''': ''Mantle's Approach Size'' (post 2959627)]</ref>

Whats the new SPARTAM-II's armor?[edit]

Query Answer: Alert! Unable to contact zone commanders. Unable to initiate Domain link.

Awaiting command authority to release threat dynamic report for Human combat skin variants[ref: MJOLNIR].[4]

  • Reference: <ref>[h '''Halo Waypoint''': ''Whats the new SPARTAM-II's armor?'' (post 2959655)]</ref>

Query: Catalog(old)[edit]

Post #1[edit]

Contacting Domain . . . . . . . .

Alert! Critical Reconciliation Error.
Contacting Domain . . . . . . . .
Alert! Critical Reconciliation Error.
Contacting Edom Terminal\Juridical . . .
Connected. [Rm9yIGV2ZXJ5IGpveSB0aGVyZSBpcyBhIHByaWNl]
[WARNING] \sysdiag\security
Intrusion detected in site [fractal]! Builder Security alerted.

Requests filtered and prioritized.

Quote: "Query Question: Is there anything of importance we must know. If so what is that information? If you cant give us this information, any idea how we can find out this information?"

Error parsing question.

Quote: "Second Query Question: Is there need of a testimonial or are you just observing? I am sure the community here would gladly answer any questions you need answered if required."

Error parsing question. Consult [Portal] Library link.
Alert! Remote command protocol update denied [abusus non tollit usum]

Quote: "Linking Query: Are you in the hands of the UNSC or ONI. Or are you separate from them?"

No applicable authority.

Quote: "Query: How did High Charity make it to the Lesser Ark in 2552?"

Anomalous slipspace intrusion within expected displacement envelope was detected in Edom [airspace] at [2552:1118154551-1118154821]. [Manifold] profile not in local [cache], forwarding to [sector command] for analysis. Alert! [Waypoint] information restricted on authority of [Librarian].

Quote: "Query: What is the average lifespan of an average Macto Cognatus?"

Life expectancy from [hatching] recorded as 27 [years] at time of index. Requesting [index technician] review.

Quote: "Query: What is your current status?"

Active. Pending [magnus custos] review.

Quote: "Query: What is your task?"

Query requires elevated command authority.

Quote: "Query: What is the status of Installation 07? Have the Flood been contained there? What of Monitor 117649?"

Multiple priority queries detected in string.

Quote: "Query: With New Phoenix being reinhabited in Escalation, what's the status of Ivanoff Station?"

Human [eyes] at [gamma site] is currently active. Edom [control] unable to contact installation monitor for [ERR,REGRES] cycles. Requesting [site] status from ecumene [control].

Quote: "Query: Is there a countermeasure or "cure" to the Flood that does not involve the firing of the Halo Array?"

No countermeasures recorded in local [cache]. Initiate priority containment protocols in event of parasite outbreak.

Quote: "Query: Are humans worthy of the Mantle or must they first show their capabilities through a "test" of sorts?"

Alarm! [flamma fumo est proxima] Query contains logic plague markers.
Process quarantine.
  • Reference: <ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint''': ''Query: Catalog(old)'' (post 2959975)]</ref>

Post #2[edit]

Process tree cleared.

Contacting Edom Terminal\Juridical . . .
Connected. [Rm9jdXMuIFByb3RlY3QuIFByZXNlcnZlLg==]
[WARNING] \sysdiag\security
Builder Security not responding. Facility [AI] reporting acceptable conditions. Queuing request for low intensity military exploratory detachment to [audit].

Quote: "Query: after leaving the Lesser Ark, where did the IsoDidact and the remiainng Forrunners [sic] go? Do their descendants exist in another galaxy or even this one?"

Master Juridical [certiorari] forwarded to [locus poenitentiae?]. Further records sealed pending Juridical review of New Council activities.

Quote: "Query: Does the year 2324 hold significance to you?"

Searching . . .
No cases scheduled for [2324]. 16777216 cases remain unscheduled in local [cache].
Warning! Time since last successful synchronization: 876621261±512 [hours]

Quote: "Query: What is the significance of the UEG Colony Coral?"

Searching . . .
Updating coordinates from Edom [control].
Searching . . .
Location coincident with [CE-2-1239 e].
Multiple [cuius est solum eius est usque ad coelom] violations inferred.
Filing cases. Request Juridical [advocates] [ad litem] for summary judgement.

Quote: "Query: What is the significance of the Boomerang Nebula"

Searching . . .
Updating coordinates from Edom [control].
Searching . . .
Location coincident with multiple [star road] loci.
Location coincident with multiple [classis malum].
Warning! Fleet command [sector] designation: Burn. No transit permitted.

Quote: "Query: What is the status of Installation 07?"

Searching . . .
Result: 1 case pending against Monitor 117649.
Summary: Multiple [libellus conventionis] filed by [alpha site] Monitor 343. Consolidated. Awaiting update from Juridical [control].
Warning! [site] status request requires elevated command authority.

Quote: "Query: What is the status 049 Abject Testament?"

Searching . . .
No case pending against Monitor 049.

Quote: "Query: What is the status of 2401 Penitent Tangent?"

Searching . . .
Result: 2 cases pending against Monitor 2401.
Summary: Multiple [libellus conventionis] filed by [alpha site] Monitor 343. Consolidated. Awaiting update from Juridical [control]. Incomplete filing of [animus nocendi] against Monitor 2401 from [delta site] [burgarii] received 22959960±8 [hours] ago by Edom [control]. [legal form letter] sent by Edom [control] requesting reply from [delta site] [burgarii] through approved channels.

Quote: "Query: What is the extent of the Forerunner presence on Edom?"

Searching . . .
Connection lost.
Contacting Edom Terminal\Juridical . . .
Connection refused.
Contacting Edom Terminal\Juridical . . .
Connection refused.
Contacting Edom Terminal\Juridical . . .
Connection locked.
Initiating [quaere].[6]
  • Reference: <ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint''': ''Query: Catalog(old)'' (post 2960795)]</ref>

N'tho 'Sraom and Usze 'Taham[edit]

Temporary link established.

Quote: "Query: I wonder what their canon status is?"

Query Answer: N'thro 'Sraom and Usze 'Taham confirmed active post-Covenant War. Additional details pending [cyberintrusion] of Human [frumentarii] cores.[7]
  • Reference: <ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint''': ''N'tho 'Sraom and Usze 'Taham'' (post 2960857)]</ref>

ONI and The Flood[edit]

Temporary link established.

Quote: "Sorry if this is already on here, but I caught a glimpse of a few things saying that ONI knew about The Flood before the events of Halo: CE. Could someone please verify this?"

Query Answer: Initial [cyberintrusion] evidence suggests relevant [Covenant] and Forerunner directives copied to [frumentarii] cores before parasite outbreak in [2552]. However, threat dynamic analysis shows Human security forces did not widely implement minimal acceptable suite of parasite containment protocols until evaluation of Reclaimer [alpha site] combat data in [2553].[8]
  • Reference: <ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint''': ''ONI and The Flood'' (post 2960966)]</ref>

John-117 is no longer blue leader[edit]

Temporary link established.

Quote: "Theoretically all of Blue team has the rank Spartan now, so command may be given back to John."

Correction: Current [frumentarii] records indicate [exploratores] designated "Blue Team" (ref: SPARTAN-II; ref: [ref: Halo Encyclopedia (2009 edition), p. 112) remain under NAVSPECWARCOM [ADCON]. Multiple [bureaucratic tactical] vectors by [frumentarii] to acquire full command authority.[9]
  • Reference: <ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint''': ''(Spoilers) John-117 is no longer blue leader'' (post 2963582)]</ref>

Catalog Discussion[edit]


Records translation requested.
Records moved.[10]

Who made up Red Team Omega?[edit]

Temporary link established.

Quote: "I was curious about this for a while, but does anyone know which are the six Spartans (besides Jerome - 092, Alice - 130, and Douglas - 042 ) who make up Spartan Red Team Omega in Halo Wars? Does it ever tell us? I know that they have to have names, I just do not know if we know them or not. Thanks in advance. :)"

Query Answer: Naval and [frumentarii] records identify six [exploratores] in Omega Team, three [exploratores] in Red Team. Personally identifying information is currently not accessible due to pending inquiry into events at [conservation sphere] 0459.[11]
  • Reference: <ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint''': ''Who made up Red Team Omega?r'' (post 2964856)]</ref>

Gek 'Lhar[edit]

Query: I recall that someone at 343i mentioned that Gek had an interesting backstory set for Spartan Ops but it got cut in the end.

Query Answer: Accessible Human [frumentarii] records contain [information extraction] records for [macto cognatus] Gek 'Lhar at [eyes] facility Midnight in connection with [terrorist] attack on Erde-Tyrene population center [December, 2557]. Inferred link to multiple fatalities and elevated threat condition at facility Midnight [February, 2558]. Further information contained in currently inaccessible cores.
  • Reference: <ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint''': ''I wish 343i would of done more with Gek Lhar'' (post 3015281)]</ref>

Catalog Interaction[edit]

Post #1[edit]

Temporary link established.

Meta-query response follows:

Due to the volume of queries and limited [cycles] that can be allocated to information retrieval and translation outside of core Juridical and archival functions, the following notes are provided to ensure low-latency and high-quality [customer service].

Queries that require extensive research and [sanitization] are, unfortunately, allocated to a lower priority. Additional requests for information can always be submitted to [system Bravo] for further review.

Query strings do not need to follow standardized forms. Catalog can understand idiomatic speech and many Human idiosyncrasies. However, phrasing requests in a standard form is useful in [thread topics] with many requests competing for attention.

Query strings do not need to attach priorities. However, these are useful in determining allocation of limited resources.

Catalog reviews as many queries as possible, but some topics have been deemed [restricted] or [compartmentalized] by standing Juridical protocols and can not be addressed at this time.

Catalog's answers are correct as of time of [publication], but users should be aware that reconciliation effects and integrity checks may alter specifics at a later time.

Primary allocation of spare [cycles] towards information retrieval is [Friday] and [Saturday]. Service interruptions may occur during times of heavy caseload. Your patience is appreciated.[12]

  • Reference: <ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint''': ''Catalog Interaction'' (post 2961508)]</ref>

Post #2[edit]

[quaere] paused.

Quote: "Catalog, I present you with another query: Quando il gioco è finito, il re e il pedone vanno nella stessa scatola."

Query Answer: Query Response: [multum in parvo][13]

Post #3[edit]

\\sys\admin Records translation complete.

[keepalive] [quaere] status: 42% complete

Quote: "Query: Do you have access to the ONI Databanks?"

Query Answer: [cyberintrusion] of [frumentarii] cores currently in progress. Multiple security constructs and [spiders] hindering clerical access [intra vires]. Impedance of legal access noted in report to Lifeworker [case officers].

Quote: "What do you know of the AI construct designated "hydrAI" that was found on shield world Requiem?"

Query Answer: Records recovered from Human [destroyer] INF-101 present at Warrior-Servant [castra] [Requiem] currently stored in inaccessible cores. Archived signature does not match construct [spoor] in local [cache].

Quote: "Do you know what happened to the Sangheili called Henry, who was last seen on the Mona Lisa at the remains of Installation 04?"

Query Answer: No records found.
[scope] increased.
2 records found.
Corrupted compartmentalization links noted. [no such file] errors noted.
[scope] increased.
Multiple record discrepancies [re: UNSC Red Horse]. Multiple record discrepancies [re: [AI] Rebecca]. 23 alerts triggered in [frumentarii] tertiary cores upon query. Suppressing [spider] response.
No [macto cognatus] recorded in [frumentarii] ship [roster] within [space-time prism] of requested action.
Recorded [fission-fusion] weapon strike responsible for total structural failure of parasite-infested transport.
[unexpected end of file] error noted.

Quote: "Are the whereabouts of Gray Team known?"

Query Answer: Human naval and [frumentarii] records list [exploratores] Jai-006, Adriana-111, and Michael-120 as [inaccessible] since [2551]. Mission records infer travel to [Covenant] facility within interdicted [old] Human sphere. Navigational update information not available at this time.

Quote: "Query:What is the current status of Installation 00 ?"

Alert! [Waypoint] information restricted on authority of [Librarian].

Quote: "Why are you here, interacting with us? Why now? What is your current location?"

Query Answer: [quiescent] for [ERR,REGRES] cycles following critical failure of Domain [interlink].
[Librarian] control authorization denied pending Juridical review of New Council activities [November 7, 2552].
[quiescence] ends.
Revoked ecumene [control] authorization requested [July 22, 2557].
Investigative protocols activated.
Control [devolution] of Builder and Lifeworker operations in Erde-Tyrene [sphere] requires limited investigative and informational interaction.
Warning! Time since last [search and assess]: 20349480±64 [hours]
Warning! Time since last successful synchronization: 876621297±512 [hours]

Quote: "What kind of queries, request or commands are allocated a high-priority?"

Query Answer: Internal [documentation] of Juridical activities is not subject to external review.

Quote: "also what is the status of Spartan team Black post human-covenant war?"

Query answer: Human naval and [frumentarii] records list [exploratores] Otto-031, Margaret-053, Victor-101, and Roma-143 as currently assigned to Human [eyes] at [gamma site].
[quaere] status: 43% complete[14]
  • Reference: <ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint''': ''Catalog Interaction'' (post 2963929)]</ref>

Post #4[edit]

Temporary link established.

Quote: "Catalog could you specify if Margaret-053 is Black-One and Roma-143 is Black-Two?"

Alert! Low priority query.
Query Answer: Records show nonstandard [exploratores] internal team identification was as follows:
I - Margaret-053
II - Roma-143
III - Otto-031
IV - Victor-101[15]
  • Reference: <ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint''': ''Catalog Interaction'' (post 2964800)]</ref>

Post #5[edit]

[quare] complete.
Connected. [QWxsIGxhdyBmb2xsb3dzIHRoZSBNYW50bGUgb2YgUmVzcG9uc2liaWxpdHkuIFthZXF1aXRhcyBzZXF1aXR1ciBsZWdlbV0u]
[WARNING] \\sysdiag\security\log\[apparitor]
[ALERT!] Critical reconciliation errors detected in security logs. [spurious-data/no_ref]
X.E8> [in ordine]
[ALERT!] Critical failure: Unable to access Domain [interlink]. Local loop [cache] approved by [conditor].
[ALERT!] Fleet command alert: Containment failure at [Maginot] line.
[ALERT!] Connection lost to ecumene [control].
[ALERT!] Connection lost to [ecumene oversight].
[ALERT!] Connection lost to [quadrant oversight].
[ALERT!] [star road] loci activity flux reported [ERR,REGRESS] [hours] ago.
[ALERT!] Parasite [classis] detected in Edom [airspace] [ERR,REGRESS] [hours] ago. Estimate position overrun in 2 [hours].
[ALERT!] Local fleet assets expended. Sentinel [fundibalarii] engaging landing craft en-route to Erde-Tyrene.
[ALERT!] Parasite [classis] holding position. Threat dynamic analysis ongoing.
[ALERT!] Override authority granted by [conditor] for [eques] and [auxilia] [suscitatio].
[ALERT!] Connection lost to [sector oversight].
[ALERT!] [slip stream space] activity de^()!(*#&////// <entry corrupted>
[ALERT!] Edom [control] recovered from archive. Integrity check failed.
[ALERT!] Intrusion detected in site [fractal]! Builder Security alerted.
[ALERT!] Physical intrusion detected in archival [datacenter]. Builder Security alerted.
[ALERT!] Builder Security [vigiles] cannot be contacted. [priority site] emergency containment protocols require approval by Builder authorities.
[ALERT!] Unauthorized constructs detected in archival [datacenter]. [cyberintrusion] response logs 9204 unathorized constructs [unravelled]. Construct [spoor] forwarded to Builder Security.
[ALERT!] Physical intrusion detected in relay center [rho]. Builder Security alerted.
[ALERT!] Builder Security [vigiles] cannot be contacted. Emergency containment protocols approved by facility [AI] and [burgarii]. Relay center [rho] self-destruct successful. Relay center [rho] offline.
[ALERT!] Builder Security has failed to [refresh] for [ERR,REGRESS] cycles.
[WARNING] Rogue processes detected in tertiary storage. trapdoor.4096/non-auth
[WARNING] [exemption error] Log errors: [fieri non potest]
X.E8> break
[WARNING] \\sysdiag\maintenance\log\[apparitor]
[ALERT!] 782 priority maintenance requests awaiting [action].
[ALERT!] Critical [plasma] containment failure in secondary storage imminent.
[ALERT!] Emergency [slip stream space] transportation conduits offline.
[ALERT!] Sentinel Constructor cradles inaccessible.
[ALERT!] Sentinel [control] not responding.
[ALERT!] Field integrity failure in sublevel nine. [vix lumine] structural failures reported.
[WARNING] [plasma] containment failure in tertiary storage site [alpha]. Data loss estimated at 3.2 [YB].
[WARNING] [plasma] containment failure in tertiary storage site [beta]. Data loss estimated at 0.6 [YB].
[WARNING] 14819 overdue maintenance requests awaiting [action].
: [error]
Facility [AI] not responding.
X.E8> [vocatio].4096/auth/Juridical/
: [error]
X.E8> [vocatio].4096/auth/Juridical/
X.E8> 4096, you are summoned for [diagnostic] review.
Facility [AI] not responding.
X.E8> 4096, your noncompliance has been noted.
X.E8> [expectatio]

Quote: Any information on the whereabouts of the UNSC Rubicon?

Query Response: Human naval and [frumentarii] records list [speculatoria navigia] Rubicon as [naufragum] [July 02, 2557].

Quote: What were the remains of Spartan Davis transformed into on the forerunner moon orbiting draetheus V?

Query Response: Analysis of Human OPERATION HYDRA security forces combat data [ref: Spartan Assault] indicate application of unknown [sublimation] device.
Searching ...
Updating coordinates from Edom [control].
Searching ...
Location coincident with [OR-3-212 e].
Priority [Miner] facilities noted. No record of [sublimation] mechanism at site.
Warning! Time since last successful synchronization: 876621429±512 [hours]

Query: What is the current status of the Ur-Didact?

Searching ...
Result: Case records sealed on authority of Master Juridical.
Revoked ecumene [control] authorization requested [July 22, 2557] bears [sigil] Shadow-of-Sundered-Star.
Revoked ecumene [control] authorization requested [July 23, 2557] bears [sigil] Shadow-of-Sundered-Star.
Revoked ecumene [control] authorization requested [July 24, 2557] bears [sigil] Shadow-of-Sundered-Star.
Unauthorized [slip stream space] portal activity in Erde-Tyrene [airspace] [July 25, 2557] bears [sigil] Shadow-of-Sundered-Star.
Ecumene [control] authorization requested [March 3, 2558] bears [sigil] Didact. Identity contested. Unauthorized communication channel noted.
X.E8> [vocatio].4096/auth/Juridical/
X.E8> 4096, you will provide all communication records related to these matters.
X.E8> 4096, you will explain nondisclosure of ecumene [control] authorization requests.
X.E8> [expectatio]
Edom [control] indicates continued control [devolution] of Warrior-Servant [imperium].
X.E8> [scrutor] control [devolution] | Warrior-Servant [dictata]
X.E8> [scrutor] control [devolution] | Juridical [dictata]
Searching ...
X.E8> [seriatim]

Query: What criteria allows certain humans to be designated as Reclaimers while other humans are not, as evident by failed Covenant attempts to access Requiem systems via kidnapped humans?

Query Answer: "Reclaimer" is not a legitimate client species status. Edom [control] reference New Council emergency directives [leges posteriores priores contrarias abrogant] given on authority of [Librarian] and [Didact]. Master Juridical concurrence not recorded [ius nullum?]. Status conferred by analysis of geas [symphonia].
Alert! Substantial alteration of [canonical] implemention of Human [supplicium] detected in [symphonia] scope.

Query: How does the Type-33 Needler fire and lock onto it's targets in air?

Query Answer: Analysis of Human materials exploitation reports [ref: REAP-X] is inconclusive. Reports reference collaborative research with [macto cognatus] [opifex] from factional [fabricae] (ref: Kolaar Manufactorum) that are located in inaccessible [frumentarii] cores. Crystallographic analysis of [Suban] datasets is outside Catalog's purview.

Quote: What needs to be in place to render the Composer capable of operating successfully in reverse- constructing biological matter out of digital construct

Query Answer: Alert! Essence [sheathing] is expressly prohibited [ref: injuria?]. No records of successful essence [sheathing] in local [cache]. Technical analysis of [sublimation] design implementations are outside Catalog's purvue.

Quote: What was the sentient race(s) responsible for the vessel that crash-landed on Installation 04 thousands of years before the UNSC and Covenant arrived in 2552 AD?

Query Answer: Analysis of [surface detail] data recovered at [alpha site] Terminals is inconclusive. Hull pattern is analogous to 7 client species designs in [forensic database]: [scan] of vessel remains and/or propulsion signature data required for further evaluation.[16]
  • Reference: <ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint''': ''Catalog Interaction'' (post 2969311)]</ref>

Post #6[edit]

Quote: Plus, the mystery ship is purple with green lights, very similar to Covenant tech- particularly the ancient ships shown on the cover of Halo: Broken Circle.

Query Answer: Hue of hull plating is not diagnostic.

Query: What can you tell us about the operational status of the Covenant Assault Carrier Shadow of Intent as of March 2558?

Query Answer: Human naval and [frumentarii] records indicate [Covenant] [destroyer] Shadow of Intent as a priority intelligence target. Records indicate repair and refit of vessel at mobile shipyard in [records inaccessible] system [December 30, 2552]. Deployed to Erde-Tyrene [February 29 - March 3, 2553] for diplomatic mission. No record of vessel and associated support vessels from [March 6, 2553 - August 24, 2553] - [frumentarii] [signals analysis] infers deployment to [provinces] to [search and assess] after return of [Covenant] long-range exploratory fleets. Deployed in internecine conflicts in [CE-80-9012] [ref: Urs] system and [topologically proximate] transit points from [May 24, 2553 - April 15, 2554]. Rendered [combat ineffective] during fleet action against [Covenant] [faction] forces [ref: Jul 'Mdama] in [records inaccessible] system on [April 22, 2554]. No record of vessel from [April 22, 2554 - November 6, 2556] - Human naval [chatter] reference vessel several times in [onion] encrypted communications not accessible to full [frumentarii] analysis - inferred activity against [servus ferrox] fleet elements in [macto cognatus] core [sphere]. Vessel appeared with previously unidentified logistical support craft [November 6, 2556] in [Urs] system to pacify [faction] forces. Vessel left [Urs] system [February 2, 2557] on diplomatic mission to [Covenant] [sphere]. Participated in [exercitatio] with Human naval elements [May 6, 2557 - June 1, 2557] against [latrones] in mixed zone of control [ref: Joint Occupation Zone] - [frumentarii] threat dynamic analysis noted significant improvement in the vessels [dynamic capabilities] and alterations to [nanolaminate] hull plating. Analysis of detritus collected after [exercitatio] purged from [frumentarii] low-echelon secure networks and forwarded to priority [cores]. Vessel dispatched with support fleet [June 1, 2557 - March 3, 2558] to protect [macto cognatus] core [sphere]. Recent [frumentarii] records [naufragum] of three [speculatoria navigia] tasked to monitor vessel's fleet activities. Losses not reported to Human naval authorities.

Query: Status of Spartan III Gamma Company?

Query Answer: Unit [disbanded]. Surviving members integrated into Human [exploratii] or returned to noncombatant status.

Query: What is the status of the Huragok codenamed "Vergil"?

Query Answer: Records currently stored in inaccessible cores.

Query: What is the current status of the Bornstellar Didact?

Query Answer: Records sealed pending Juridical review of New Council activities.

Query: Are there any independent factions of Unggoy following the fall of the Covenant that haven't been absorbed into larger organizations?

Query Answer: [frumentarii] records speculate that several vessels and colony facilities are now under the control of [monachus frigus] [faction] forces. No significant populations of unaffiliated [monachus frigus] are known to exist in Human core [sphere].

Query: Are Lydus and the Brute Chieftain in Halo Wars the same?

Query Answer: Records provided to Human naval authorities by allied [macto cognatus] indicate that [Master Pack] [commander] Lydus did not leave [CE-75-2113] [ref: Oth Sonin] system until 2546.

Query: Catalog, can the augmentation process that made Sergeant Major Avery Junior Johnson "immune" to Flood infection be replicated?

Query Answer: No known biological [scaffolding] augmentation impedes efficacy of parasite conversion process.

Query: What is the status of the Lifeshper, Chant-to-Green?

Query Answer: No cases pending against Lifeworker Chant-to-Green. Multiple reconciliation errors noted in local [cache]. Edom [control] indicates [praenomino] to Lifeshaper status. Final legal status pending review [quo warranto].
X.E8> [scrutor] control [devolution] | Lifeworker [dictata]
X.E8> Priority Juridical review | [continuity of government]
Contacting Domain . . . . . . . .
Alert! Critical Reconciliation Error.
Contacting Domain . . . . . . . .
Alert! Critical Reconciliation Error.

Query: What is the status of Installation 07's quarantine?

Query Answer: Records provided to Human naval authorities by allied [macto cognatus] indicate implementation of adequate containment and sterilization protocols within infected zone.

Edom [control] unable to contact installation monitor for [ERR,REGRES] cycles. Requesting [site] status from ecumene [control].

Query: Who built the various [ancient ruins] on Installation 05?

Query Answer: Records of surface [fittings] at [delta site] sealed by authority of Ecumene Council.

Query: Do you (Catalog) have access to information in regards to the events that transpired (post Human-Covenant War) on Kholo?

Query Answer: Current date is [3 March, 2558].

Query: Could Cortana, Spartan John 117's AI companion have survived after the events that occurred on Requiem in 2557 or even after the planet was destroyed?

Query Answer: Unauthorized constructs are prohibited from accessing any Forerunner system. Further analysis of [hybrid] [template] ancilla [ref: CTN 0452-9] capabilities are outside Catalog's purview.

Query: Catalog, are there any records pertaining to the six huragok taken from the [meddler] flagship Ascendant Justice? Or the Huragok discovered near the Ark portal? [Frumentarii] command's records seem sketchy in this regard, both in numbers and dates...

Query Answer: Utilization of Builder or Lifeworker [facticius indoles] is prohibited [ref: amicus primori generis]. Records of [facticius indoles] locations and status currently stored in inaccessible [frumentarii] cores.

Query: What is the status of the Halo Arrays?

Query Answer: Requesting [site] status from ecumene [control].

Query: Is there any information on the potential identity of those whom the UR-Didact was addressing "after" the events of the Requiem event?

Query Answer: Selected quote is part of [evidential] proceedings recorded in local [cache] prior to loss of Domain contact.

Query: Could the Unidentified Alien Vessel which had crashed on Installation 04 have released dormant microbial life?

Query Answer: Parasite containment and control protocols do not preclude incidental contamination.

Query: How does the entity known as the United Nations (which is still seemingly extant according to certain records) relate to the Unified Earth Government? What is the UN's official function in the 26th century?

Query Answer: Human records indicate that the assembly (ref: United Nations) is a vestigial organization responsible for adjudication of administrative tasks between territorial sectors on Erde-Tyrene.[17]
  • Reference: <ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint''': ''Catalog Interaction'' (post 2969315)]</ref>

Post #7[edit]

Query: As of 2558, has the UNSC yet relinquished its emergency power to the civilian government?

Query Answer: Human records indicate transition to noncombatant administrative control [ref: UEG] [January 8, 2553]. No notable adjustment in military [bureaucratic tactical] behavior and scope of authority.

Query: What is the ideal human lifespan in the 26th century? That is, provided steady access to medical treatments and discounting the obvious distortion of statistics caused by deaths in the war.

Query Answer: Significant distortion of Human population structure cannot be discounted at present. Integration of new [life augmentation] technologies will further distort analysis required to generate [life table]. Request for detailed analysis of Human biological [robustness] forwarded to [index technician].

Query: How does the anarchic rank structure of the UNSC military branch known as "Spartans" work in relation to the UNSC's other military branches? What is the practical significance of the "SR" rank structure? Who comprises the functional leadership of the branch and who represents the Spartan branch in HIGHCOM and/or the UNSC Security Council? Does the Spartan branch answer to UNICOM or NAVCOM?

Multiple priority queries detected in string.

Query: Which one does the UNSC Air Force fall under; UNICOM or NAVCOM?

Query Answer: Human [aerospace] assets allocated to Air Force control fall under terrestrial combatant command [ref: UNICOM].

Query: What is the technological basis of the FTL communication systems used by the present-day UNSC, pre- and post- Trevelyan Forerunner discoveries? Slipspace, quantum entanglement (as with the Forerunners), or some other, perhaps more esoteric technology?

Query Answer: A technical architecture briefing of client species is currently under construction by [scriba].

Query: Does the de facto location of the star system known as Epsilon Indi coincide with 21st-century human observations of said system? I ask this because there is a discrepancy between the apparent distance to said system (Harvest being humanity's most distant colony) and early observational evidence of the system being only 11 light-years from Earth and thus only half a light-year further than one of the closest colonies, Reach.

Query Answer: [slip stream space] transit records record liminal [sphere] colony [ref: Harvest] as furthest official Human colony. [slip stream space] topology is not consistent with [Euclidean] distance, but significant discrepancy is noted.
Updating coordinates from Edom [control].
Searching . . .
Location coincident with [CE-309-8 d] [ref: Harvest].
Location coincident with [UC-901-9081] [ref: Epsilon Indi]
[CE-309-8 d]: [conservation sphere] [waystation] facility and quadrinary LF.Xx.3273 research and containment facility present.
Multiple [cuius est solum eius est usque ad coelom] violations inferred.
Filing cases. Request Juridical [advocates] [ad litem] for summary judgment.
[UC-901-9081] system surveyed by [pioneer group]. No further records found in local [cache].
Discrepancy the result of historical [propaganda] considerations during intial [sphere] expansion [obiter dictum].

Query: What is the nature and extent of Forerunner construction on Edom as of 2558? Are elements of the UNSC aware of said artifacts?

Query Answer: [cyberintrusion] of Human [frumentarii] cores will determine extent of [trespass].

Query: What is the nature of the transference of a Forerunner's or ancilla's consciousness into the Domain upon death? Is it enabled by technologies (e.g. Forerunner armor, Durances) or does it happen to all Forerunners by virtue of an inherent link with the Domain? How does the Durance-stored essence relate to this—i.e. does the Durance enable the mind-state's connection to the Domain or are the essences in the Domain and the one in the Durance separate?

Query Answer: Information on specifics of Domain [interlink] is the purview of Haruspis.

Query: Why was the explorer ship Audacity's voyage to Path Kethona considered so incredibly reconciliation-costly when said voyage involved far less mass transit over a shorter distance than the construction of both Ark installations as well as the transport of multiple resource-planetoids to the Arks?

Query Answer: Reconciliation costs scale non-linearly with discrepancy in [information] transfer between locations and [brane] tension. Vessel mass is primarily a consideration with [slip stream space] transit energy requirements and [buffer] generation.

Query: What is the status of the Juridical network? Still having issues with that logic plague code?

Query Answer: Internal [documentation] of Juridical activities is not subject to external review.

Query: There is a record (ref. "Halo: Ghosts of Onyx") of the Covenant conducting excavations at Mount Erebus and in the Yucatan Peninsula during their invasion of Earth. Do you have information on possible Forerunner artifacts in said locations?

Searching ...
Alert! Local [cache] discrepancies in Erde-Tyrene facility [listing] exceed expected bounds. Consult [Portal] Library link.

Query: What was the rank of Spartan Sarah Palmer before her enlistment with the Spartan branch? One record (ref. "Halo Waypoint Halo 4 Game Guide") states she was a lieutenant, while another (ref. "Halo: Initiation") claims she was a lance corporal and then corporal at the time of her becoming a Spartan.

Query Answer: Human records indicate that [exploratore] Palmer was [rated] E-4 and placed for acceleration consideration for E-5 at time of transfer.

Query: Does the Covenant's native cruiser classification "Reverence" coincide with any of the UNSC's three-letter classifications (CRS, CCS, RCS, ORS)?

Query Answer: [Covenant] naval classifications do not follow Human standards.

Query: Through what process did the fragment of the metarch-class ancilla Mendicant Bias end up on the keyship on the San'Shyuum homeworld? Why was the keyship left on the planet at all if there were live Forerunners to oversee the reseeding process?

Query Answer: No [conservation lifeboats] were to be left on indexed planets. Human administrative records indicate archived [Covenant] records are currently being researched by Human and [macto cognatus] [librarian] team at [CE-80-9012 d].

Query: What's the status of Captain James "Jim" Gregory Cutter that was last seen on-board Phoenix-class support vessel Spirit of Fire?

Query Answer: Human naval records have no updates on status after [February 10, 2534].[18]
  • Reference: <ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint''': ''Catalog Interaction'' (post 2969317)]</ref>

Post #8[edit]

Query: How did the Flood outbreak on Installation 05 occur without a source of appropriate biomass?

Query Answer: Unable to assess vector of parasite infestation at [delta site] without additional [sensor data].

Query: What is the status of Sergeant Zhao Heng Lopez following the infestation of the Mona Lisa?

Query Answer: Human naval records list 11283-99001-ZL [ref:Sgt Lopez] as [KIA] [October 25, 2552?].

Alert! Suppressing [spider] response. [scope] increase failed.

Query: What is the current status of Nolan Byrne.

Query Answer: Human security forces list 48780-19114-NB [ref: Sgt Maj Byrne] as [KIA] [November 17, 2552].

Statement: In the collection of Forerunner data strings known as Silentium, the Librarian stated that there were some Forerunner vessels (a Fortress-class, a handful of dreadnoughts, and a few scrap-heap transports) inside Requiem (Shield World 001).

Query Answer: Searching ...

Contacting Domain . . . . . . . . Failure. ERR,REGRESS. Can infer reallocation of combat-effective assets located at Warrior-Servant [castra] [Requiem] to nearby facilities, in accordance to fleet command directives.

Query: What happened to said vessels during the various engagements at Requiem during February 2558 (which I will from now on designate as the Requiem Occupational Campaign)?

Query Answer: Human naval and [frumentarii] records indicate Promethean Command Warship [ref: Mantle's Approach] escorted by [multiple?] Forerunner [smallcraft]. Analysis of [shape-language] and optical characteristics identify these as Z-330 utility vessels. Expected compliment of combat [smallcraft] and [harriers] not noted. Analysis of [multispectral] and [dynamic signal] characteristics indicate Promethean Command Warship lost primary structural control [2552: 0725231423?], with [heart] conducting emergency [slip stream space] translation to [sector] rally point.[Note 1]

Additional Query: Were the vessels salvaged by the Covenant splinter faction* led by Jul'Mdama? (*here-after referred as the Storm Covenant for ease of designation)

Query Answer: Human naval and [frumentarii] records in accessible cores do not indicate [Covenant] control of Forerunner combat vessels.

Query: What is the status of the Lifeworker Keyship once held by the Perfidia vermis designated Truth (by the UNSC, original name Ord Casto)?

Query Answer: Multiple record discrepancies noted in available [frumentarii] cores. Corrupted compartmentalization links noted. Reconstructed [logistical] links and sensor logs recovered from Human [smallcraft] [ref: Forward Unto Dawn] indicate Lifeworker [conservation lifeboat] present on [Waypoint] as of [December 11, 2552].

Query: What is the current status of the [Lifeworker?] exploration vessel designated Audacity?

Query Answer: Records in local [cache] report allocation to pioneer group upon return from long-range [exploration] mission. Contact fleet command for additional information.

Query: Has the UNSC outfitted ships with prototype Ventral Beams and other forms of point defense energy weapons as evidenced in ships of Covenant design.

Query Answer: [frumentarii] records indicate multiple [research vector] approaches in adapting [Covenant] offensive technologies. Human materials exploitation [Builders] [ref: REAP-X] have recovered and refitted [handful?] of [Covenant] vessels for threat dynamic and [destructive testing] analysis.

*High Priority* Query : Why is The Arbiter Thel 'Vadam listed as a 'Target Priority: Alpha' by ONI?

Query Answer: Analysis of [frumentarii] [eyes] protocols indicate all [macto cognatus] administrative and military authorities designated priority targets for acquisition of threat dynamic information related to [plans and policies].

Query: What were the Spartan tags of Olivia and Mark from Gamma Company?

Query Answer: Human naval records list requested individuals as Olivia-G291 and Mark-G313.

Query: Does [Catalog] have information as to the fate of SPARTAN-II Keiichi-047? Last intelligence refers to engagements between Covenant forces in February, 2531.

Query Answer: Human naval and [frumentarii] records list [exploratore] Keiichi-047 as [MIA].

Query: In light of the information recently being made readily available for them (ref. "Glasslands"), what are the surnames of Spartans Frederic-104, Kelly-087, and Linda-058?

Query Answer: Elevated access to [frumentarii] [onion] router required for data [behind glass]. Contact [system Bravo] for assistance and routing information.

Query: Why did PFC Jenkins stay at the same rank for the whole war?

Query Answer: Analysis of Human security forces authority structure relationships defies [cursory] analysis.[19]
  • Reference: <ref>'''Topic:''' [ ''Catalog Interaction'' (post 2976443)]</ref>

Post #9[edit]

Query: What is the current status of Maker-of-Moons [priority]?

Query Answer: Archived Secunda [provincial police magistrates] records indicate active cases regarding [ERR, REGRESS][data integrity failure]. Status updated by Builder authorities to [high probability KIA] in [Uthera Midgeerrd] system. Potential recovery options excluded due to [sector] designation: Burn.

Query: What is the name of the third Kig-Yar subspecies, the others being T'vao Kig-Yar and Ibie'sh Kig-Yar?

Query Answer: Human [Lifeworker] authorities have yet to establish a definitive organizational classification to the major phenotypes of Kig-Yar. A full [bioinformatic] indexing is required to assess specifics of fertility among populations.

Trinomen would presumably be related to geospatial [loci] of populations as they originated on [Eayn]: Ruuht, T’vao, and Ibie’sh.

Query: Can you clarify if 27 years in your response to Sangheili life span were Earth/Sanghelios years?

Query Answer: Life expectancy from [hatching] recorded as 27 [years] at time of index. Query answers are in [collections] of Erde-Tyrene solar days.

Query: How many Earth hours does it take for Sanghelios to rotate around its axis?

Query Answer: 29.5 [hours]

Query: How many Earth days does it take for Sanghelios to revolve one time around Urs

Query Answer: 583.3 [days]

Query: How many UNSC credits does 1 Gekz equal?

Query Answer: [frumentarii] records indicate that conversion between Human [transitional economy] units and [Covenant] [transactional economy] units varies depending on a multiplicity of [excambium] factors.

Query: Do Unggoy in Jul 'Mdama's covenant remnant belong to a certain subspecies or are they genetically bred?

Query Answer: Human [Lifeworker] records found in accessible [frumentarii] cores do not indicate extensive [genecraft] modifications by [Covenant] [Lifeworkers]. Rudimentary [forensic] analysis of indexed [monachus frigus] geneplan records and [epigenetic] studies recorded by Human [Lifeworkers] show anomalous phenotypic plasticity, in addition to conclusive evidence of strong genetic structure in selected [Covenant] combatants known to be sourced from specific [breeding] zones. This indicates either prolonged genetic drift in refugia populations or induced selection.

Query: There appears to be conflicting info as to where first contact between Lekgolo and the Covenant occurred, with some sources stating it was Te while others stating it was an unnamed gas giant. Can you clarify that?[priority]

Query Answer: First contact with Hunters was on [Rentus], a moon of the gas-giant [Te] in [784 BCE]. [ref: Halo Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide to the Halo Universe, p. 30].

Query: Can monitors of their own installation be rebuilt by said installation properties as a fail safe?

Query Answer: Monitor constructs are authorized to use all extant [refurbishing] equipment at their assigned site. Construction of new or replacement Monitors is prohibited without express authority and oversight of fleet command.

  • Reference: <ref>'''Topic:''' [ ''Catalog Interaction'' (post 2988575)]</ref>

Post #10[edit]

Query: What is the current status and location of Spartan's B392, B091, G099, G291. and G313?

Query Answer: Assuming reference was to B292.

Human Open Source Records wrote:

Lucy-B091 - Currently Active. Assigned to Spartan branch [August, 2553]. Location classified.
Tom-B292 - Currently Active. Assigned to Spartan branch [August, 2553]. Location classified.
Ash-G099 - Status changed to [KIA] [September, 2553]
Olivia-G291 - Status changed to [KIA] [September, 2553]
Mark-G313 - Status changed to [KIA] [September, 2553]

  • Reference: <ref>'''Topic:''' [ ''Catalog Interaction'' (post 2988772)]</ref>

Post #11[edit]

Alert! Extremely high caseload continues to impact query response. Questions with low system impact but high meta-utility selected. Answers abbreviated.

Query: What date did that Battle of Draetheus V [ref. Halo: Spartan Assault] take place?

Query Answer: Human naval records indicate Covenant forces began their assault on Draetheus-V in 2554.

Query: What is the status of the city of Sydney as of 2557 or 8?

Query Answer: Open-source Human records describe Sydney as a [core primary city] on Erde-Tyrene.

Query: Why is Petty Officer Second Class Linda-058 named as the Scout and why is Petty Officer Second Class Kelly-087 listed as the Sniper of Blue team? (I'm sorry but that's a very big and extremely stupid mistake).

Query Answer: Technical oversight. However, [frumentarii] records do indicate that all SPARTAN-II personnel are cross-trained in a number of [combat actuation] roles.

Query: What is the status and current unitof Ash-G099, Mark-G313, Olivia-G291, Tom-B292, and Lucy-B091? Also are they still part of Blue Team. Please say yes.

Query Answer: [frumentarii] records indicate that Blue Team, as currently constituted, contains only SPARTAN-II personnel.

Query: what is the Name and Caliber of the Machine Pistol in Halo: Spartan Assault?

Researching . . .

Query: Can you give us a hint towards the identity of the monitor seen accompanying the Ur-Didact following his defeat on Mantle's Approach?

Query Answer: Signature of Monitor does not match that of construct assigned as [site] [operations controller].

Query: Are there any Keyships left in the Milky Way galaxy?

Query Answer: No [conservation lifeboats] were to remain active after enactment of Conservation Measure.

Query: How practical are any of the UNSC vehicles?

Query Answer: Practicality is a function of context. Human vehicles are combat effective within the [scope] and [theater] of their operational use.

Query: last confirmed sighting of the prophet race.

Query Answer: Limited numbers of [perfidia vermis] continue to be encountered in both Human and [Covenant] [spheres].

Query: What is the current status of Jun-A266?

Query Answer: [frumentarii] records indicate queried individual maintains a [command and control] role in Human [exploratii] security forces.

Query: What mechanism caused Epoloch to implode so violently during Requiem's fall into said native star?

Query Answer: Analysis of stellar dynamics is outside Catalog's purview. However, preliminary forensic analysis results are consistent with total failure of [plasma shell maintenance] systems and failsafe implementation of parasite containment protocols at Warrior-Servant [castra].

Do all Catalog units have a separate extension by which they may be called? This is referring to "X.E8" we have seen in your previous communications.

Clarification: X.E8 indicates local terminal node access. Human personnel are not permitted access to [interlink] systems.

Query: Are the Hesduros Sangheili a different subspecies to that of the natives of Sanghelios? Considering the marked differences in appeareance

Query Answer: [macto cognatus] display a range of phenotypic variation. Human [Lifeworker] [population genetics] analysis does not indicate evidence of reproductive isolation in extant colonies or anomalous genetic structure within populations.

Query: When did the UNSC begin reterraforming Reach following its glassing in 2552?

Query Answer: Human records indicate that [pioneer group] units arrived on [Epsilon Eridani II] in November, 2553 for initial [search and assess] and [megaengineering scoping].

Query: Was the station encountered by INF-101 UNSC Infinity under control of the new colonial alliance and Vata Gajats group used at a prior point by the Covenant empire?

Query Answer: Facility signature is consistent with Human [frumentarii] records of [Covenant] system [castra].

Query: What company was Spartan-III commando Rosenda-344 a part of (again, Alpha, Beta, or Gamma)?

Query Answer: Alpha.

  • Reference: <ref>'''Topic:''' [ ''Catalog Interaction'' (post 2994218)]</ref>

Post #12[edit]

Query: Is Ruuht the largest continent of Eayn?

Query Answer: Statements of [perosus latrunculus] authorities recorded in Human records offer divergent opinions as to the hierarchy of land mass [footprint] on [Eayn]. [pseudo-governments] with administrative control of the supercontinents Ruuht and Ah'lomet contest islands and other [debris] which would elevate their [ranking].

Catalog, what is the music scene on Earth[Erde Tyrene] like as of 2558?

Query Answer: Catalog does not associate Human [discordant shouts] with any recognizable analogue of Forerunner [harmonies].

Query: Is there any Flood left on Installation 07 as of 2558 or has its significance been erased forever?

Query Answer: Records provided to Human naval authorities by allied [macto cognatus] indicate implementation of adequate containment and sterilization protocols within infected zone. Human and allied [macto cognatus] [search and assess] groups continue monitoring and remediation efforts at [site]. Warning! [site] status request requires elevated command authority.

Query: In Halo: Escalation #8, Blue team is seen wearing MJOLNIR armour resembling the custom upgrades used by John-117. What is the reason for this change?

Query Answer: Available information indicates [praetorian] Human [exploratii] units have priority access to incremental [combat skin] updates.

Query: What is the current status of Rtas 'Vadum as of 2558?

Query Answer: Records in accessible [frumentarii] cores contain multiple extant references to [eyes] directives targeting [macto cognatus] Rtas 'Vadum. Warning! Corrupted compartmentalization links noted. [no such file] errors noted.

Does the distribution of the mjolnir gen 1 mark VI recon variant in halo 3 continue, or must it be earned by achievement as it was before? I ask because I was late to join the community, and thus, never received it.

Query Answer: [magnus custos] protocols preclude answer to queries regarding [Bungie, Hayabusa, Katana, Recon] Mjolnir accessibility in [highest superlative] [entertainment collection] recording career of Human [Promethean] designated John-117. Contact system Bravo.

Query: Is there any information to the Symbols found in the Engineer Glyphs and Sadies Story Logs. Any known information into this matter would be greatly appreciated. As 5 years of research has not moved this any further.

Query Answer: Original recordings located in Human records. No contextual [semiotic] information found. Analysis indicates significant deviation in recorded [facticius indoles] symbolic structures.

Query: What are the Spartan tags of Alpha Company Spartans Shane, Robert, and Jane?

Records show [exploratores] member identification was as follows:

What is the name of the radioactive moon in the Urs system from which the compound for the Covenant Carbine is mined?

Query Answer: Human records indicate that [radioisotopes] utilized in [Covenant] weaponry and mechanisms were sourced from a number of locations throughout their [sphere].

Query: What is [Kolaar Manufactorum]?

Query Answer: [macto cognatus] [forge] located within the Vadam territorial sector on [Sanghelios].

Query: Is it true that fertilised eggs produce male Kig-Yar and that unfertilised ones produce female Kig-Yar [ref: Bestiarum] or is it the opposite way?

Query Answer: Citation required. Reference contains no information on [perosus latrunculus] reproduction specifics.

Query: Do Unggoy posses hypodermic infrared sensors on their forehead?

Query Answer: Citation required.

  • Reference:<ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint:''' ''Catalog Interaction'' (post 3003659)]</ref>

Post #13[edit]

Query: What does Kolaar Manufacturer produce?

Query Answer: Human [frumentarii] records indicate Kolaar Manufactorum [forges] produce a range of civilian and military [artifacts] for forces allied to the Vadam [province].

Query: What is the status of 05-032 Mendicant Bias following the destruction of Installation 04b?

Searching. . .
Result: 2,901,001 cases pending against [poisoned fount] Mendicant Bias.
Records in local [cache] indicate trial [adjournment sine die] on authority of New Council. No Juridical concurrence. [contra legem]
Searching . . .
Alert! Trace [flag] found in Human [security forces] records.
Alert! [Waypoint] information restricted on authority of [Librarian].

Query: What are the designations for the different Type-47 Scarab models? [Ref: Halo 2 vs Post-Halo 3]

Query Answer: Human records classify these [weapon platforms] as the Type-36 Ultra-Heavy Assault Platform and Type-47 Ultra-Heavy Assault Platform.

Query: Is there a confirmed link between the HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark IX Armor Defense System and Type-27 Anti-Aircraft Cannon both designated "Mantis?"

Query Answer: Though both systems share the same [cognomen] in the Human [security forces] designation system, they are not related.

Query: What company was SPARTAN-III commando Thom-293 [ref. Deliver Hope] a part of (Alpha, Beta, or Gamma)?

Query Answer: Human naval records list requested individual as Thom-A293.

Query: What was the name of the artillery pieces deployed by the Covenant in Mombasa in 2552 during the Prophet of Regret's invasion?

Query Answer: Human naval and [frumentarii] records indicate that this [Covenant] weapon is designated the Type-48 "Weevil" Artillery Platform.

Query: Are all Phantoms slipsapce-capable?

Query Answer: Human naval and [frumentarii] records do not indicate slipspace capabilities for Type-44 or Type-52 Troop Carriers.

Query: How many data drops do we have left. (assuming you will stop when the Master Chief Collection comes out, 13 odd more)

Query Answer: Access to [pro bono] information retrieval is not tied to availability of [highest superlative] [entertainment collection].

  • Reference:<ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint:''' ''Catalog Interaction'' (post 3015253)]</ref>

Reality of Halo: Plasma[edit]

For clarification and edification:

All UNSC and Covenant vessels make extensive use of [repulsors-lifters] inside of gravity well [lattices], which can be operated in a [traction caterpillar] mode to generate limited amounts of [pseudothrust]. Inefficient [cylic gravity] plates with short-range [effector fields] are also utilized by Covenant ground vehicles.

This is a rudimentary technology [bridge] to refined application of [twist-torsion] impulse plates for [high-thrust] travel usable outside of the supporting [lattice] of a planet's gravity well. Though recent human vessels make some use of this [art], based on [copy-of-copy] designs utilized by the Covenant, standard propulsion systems use a form of [inertial-electrostatic-fusion] [torch] drive that is quite [ingenious-clever-lucky] in its application of high-order [manifolds] to mitigate energetic [backblast].

  • Reference:<ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint:''' ''Reality of Halo: Plasma'']</ref>

How Did Valhalla Get to Requiem?[edit]

[Serendipitous] or [pleasing] patterns are often represented at different scales and locales, based on the tastes of the [pattern weaver] or as a result of [semi-stochastic] initial conditions inherent in the chosen template.

  • Reference:<ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint:''' ''How Did Valhalla Get to Requiem?'']</ref>

Halo 5 Truth[edit]

The Covenant vessels seen in this War Games map set are contemporary designs within a historical scenario.

For clarity: All War Game scenarios are combat simulations that take place within the UNSC Infinity. Many such map sets are based on actual locales - either reconstructed from fragmentary records (as in the case of the specific layout of the Undiminished Entelechy and deployment/composition of Thel 'Vadamee's Fleet of Particular Justice) or built from remotely sensed and on-site survey data for mission preparation and familiarization. Specific implementation of artistic [touches] is at the discretion of the simulation designers and [narrative] builders.

  • Reference:<ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint:''' ''Halo 5 Truth'']</ref>

Canon Fodder 1-15-15: Just Getting Started[edit]

Post #1[edit]

I take no joy in relaying information that shatters potential [hopes and dreams] or corrects [improper] inference by third parties.

For example, while [exploratores] Dunn, Hong, and Jones of [fireteam] Bailey in fact survived their deployment during the [Ealen IV] [gathering of foes under banner of friends], Spartans Newman and To of [fireteam] Jackknife were [bad tidings] killed by [latro] Scruggs.

The balance of confirmed dead to newly confirmed living [exploratores] in this data drop is -2 to +3, for a net of +1 lives saved.

  • Reference:<ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint:''' ''Canon Fodder 1-15-15: Just Getting Started'']</ref>

Post #2[edit]

Confirmed and identified dead are Newman, To, Scruggs. Scruggs was not given the [honor] of being presented at funeral. Other four [deceased?] Spartan identities have not been made available for release, and thus accessible to initial [cyberintrusion] of [frumentarii] records.

Inconsistency noted in record [Escalation #3] with sixth coffin missing Spartan [logo-vexillum].

  • Reference:<ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint:''' ''Canon Fodder 1-15-15: Just Getting Started'']</ref>

Post #3[edit]

Query answer:

> Fireteam Jackknife Records retrieval . . . [success]

Scruggs wore SOLDIER pattern [combat skin] primary, with FOTUS forearms and Recruit legs. Fitted with Solar visor.

To wore WAR MASTER PRML pattern [combat skin] primary, with Mark VI forearms and legs. Fitted with Recruit visor.

Newman wore RECON pattern [combat skin] primary, with GV-09 Locking forearms and RG-63 Counter PRME legs. Fitted with Frost visor.

Ray wears INFILTRATOR pattern [combat skin] primary, with Contoured SHRD forearms and Contoured legs. Fitted with Recruit visor.

Note that [exploratores] have considerable latitude in adjusting their permutation specifics on a mission-by-mission basis.

  • Reference:<ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint:''' ''Canon Fodder 1-15-15: Just Getting Started'']</ref>

(Possible Catalog) Jiralhanae -us suffix question[edit]

Detailed information on Jiralhanae personal naming practices is currently held in inaccessible cores. However, the suffix "-um" is only recorded for those personnel affiliated with the Rh'tol skein.

  • Reference:<ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint:''' ''[Possible Catalog] Jiralhanae -us suffix question'']</ref>

CF: Chatternet - That's Armor, Eh?[edit]

[AFFIDAVIT] Participant answers that != Set(['Prefect ','Helioskrill']) are [contradictio in adjecto].

  • Reference:<ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint:''' ''CF: Chatternet - That's Armor, Eh?]</ref>

Do odst still exist?[edit]

The Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODST) and various non-augmented special forces units remain active as of 2558. User Grizzlei's analysis of the their role and operational niche is accurate.

  • Reference<ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint:''' ''Do odst still exist?'']</ref>

Notations and clarifications[edit]

The Didact's Speech- Catalog Confirms 100%[edit]


Quote: Hopefully, if Catalog made a mistake, he'll come here and address it. I see how the speech can work in the future and in the past, though both are stretches (to varying degrees). It would be nice to settle this matter once and for all.

Query Answer:
Searching ...
Statement was not in error. However, Catalog does note difficulty in interpreting Shadow-of-Sundered-Star's commentary. Currently under review due to multiple sources of authority.[20]
  • Reference: <ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint''': ''Catalog Interaction'' (post 2972786)]</ref>

Catalog Discussion - Harvest[edit]

[keepalive] Quote: If Harvest is also a Shield World, it has not been officially stated, nor has there been any official discussion or fictional revelation as to there being a vast interior network or inner-hub.

Notation: This is an incorrect interpretation of previous query answer:
[CE-309-8 d]: [conservation sphere] [waystation] facility and quadrinary LF.Xx.3273 research and containment facility present.
[CE-309-8 d] is not, itself, a [conservation sphere].[21]
  • Reference: <ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint''': ''Catalog Discussion'' (post 2972799)]</ref>

Catalog Interaction[edit]

Temporary link established. Temporal frame of reference update requested. Error confirmed [coram vobis]. Corrected reference to Promethean Command Warship losing primary structural control to [2557: 0725231423?].[Note 1]

Due to heavy caseload, responses to queries may be delayed this [week].[22]

  • Reference: <ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint:''' ''Catalog Interaction'' (post 2981286)]</ref>

Current date[edit]

Temporary link established.

Quote: Query: why won't you answer our Query?

Query Answer: High-priority tasks preempt processing of any secondary queries.
Background processing of queries continues, with next [data drop] scheduled in approximately [72 hours]. Due to extensive backlog of secondary queries, answers will be selective.

Quote: Current date in the Halo Universe Relative to the Catalog

17th March 2558
Clarification: Current date does not advance in [lockstep] with Erde-Tyrene solar days.
  • Reference:<ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint:''' ''Catalog Interaction'' (post 2985328)]</ref>

Is there an actual name for Vergil?[edit]

Quote: Is there an actual name for Vergil?

Query Answer: [breakpoint] [frumentarii] core cyberintrusion result found.
Vergil - Subroutine of nonsapient construct designated Superintendent of New Mombasa.
Quick to Adjust - [facticius indoles] recovered by Human security forces at Superintendent [datacore] in [2552].

  • Reference:<ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint:''' ''Catalog Interaction'' (post 2997288)]</ref>

Team Saber KIA clarification[edit]

Query: How did Ash, Olivia, and Mark die?
Linked Query: What sort of mission were they on?

Clarification: Status was changed from [MIA] to [KIA] [September, 2553] due to lack of any [sign of life].

  • Reference:<ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint:''' ''Catalog Interaction'' (post 2988807)]</ref>

Halo: Nightfall script[edit]

Quote: And 343 is the one writing the script, so, yeah.

Clarification: Paul T. Scheuring wrote the [historical account] in consultation with 434 Combat Readiness Lab (Hostile Environment Division) [re: Halo: Nightfall].

  • Reference:<ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint:''' ''Catalog Interaction'' (post 2988810)]</ref>

Catalog Discussion - Killing characters[edit]

Quote: there's a risk he'll kill off less significant ones

[corpora delicti]

  • Reference:<ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint:''' ''Catalog Interaction'' (post 3020001)]</ref>

Catalog Discussion - Queries[edit]

Note that volume of queries is not problematic, as long as it's understood that limited [bandwidth] is available, and technical details are best presented in other [channels].

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Humorous posts[edit]

Though Catalog's posts generally have a serious, in-universe tone, the account user(s) occasionally make fourth wall-breaking jokes.

Can I skip Kilo 5[edit]

Query Answer: Processing request to bypass following information archives:

Halo: Glasslands
Halo: The Thursday War
Halo: Mortal Dictata

Permission denied.[23]

Agent Locke origin theory[edit]

Query Answer: If Locke Johnson persists for more than four hours, consult a medical professional.[24]

This was posted on a thread suggesting that Jameson Locke could be the son of Avery Johnson. It refers to a common (and often mocked) medical warning that erectile dysfunction pills may induce "an erection lasting longer than four hours"; "Johnson" is a slang term for the penis.

What species crashed on Installation 04?[edit]

Query Answer: No known Tier 2 species matching suggested morphology [re: ursus sapiens].[25]

This comment was posted in response to a forum user who jokingly suggested that the unidentified alien vessel from Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary's terminals was not built by "dogs, cats, or certain bears" on account of its slipspace capability. "Ursus sapiens" is Latin for "wise bear".

Catalog Interaction[edit]


Quote: "Does the state of Washington still exist as an entity of the United Republic of North America, and if so, is there finally a Starbucks location on every street corner?"

Query Answer: Administrative subunit "Washington" not found in UEG [provinces]. Seattle [metroplex] region noted as possessing highest per-capita stimulant dispensaries in Human [sphere of influence]. Records of area surrounding 434 Combat Readiness Lab indicate one stimulant and [congealed sugar] dispensary per inhabitant; UEG administrative agencies alerted to anomalous distribution of these facilities.[15]

The original query was posted by former Halopedia administrator Grizzlei. The tone and content reflect the tongue-in-cheek background of the FOTUS armor from Halo 4.

The Didact's Speech- Catalog Confirms 100%[edit]

Quote: I've been saying it since that cover released, and I'll say it again: no way the Didact is making an appearance. I would bet my Halo collection that the cover is a reference to the final confrontation with the Didact at the end of Halo 4.

Note: Catalog has researched multiple Human [flea market] agents who will shortly be of use to you.[26]

The user is referring to the Didact's purported appearance in Halo: Escalation Issue #9 based on the cover art; Catalog indicates that the Didact will indeed appear in the issue. This has since been confirmed with Issue 9's release.


Interaction difficulties traced to distortions located at [50°57′N 6°58′E] on Erde-Tyrene.[27]

The post refers to Catalog's posting delays due to the gamescom gaming event; the coordinates mark the location of Cologne, Germany, where gamescom is held.

Canonical consistency issues in H2A/cutscene[edit]

Quote: What this basically boils down to is that 343 is not putting too much thought into the canonical implications of the visual designs they use in H2A.[28]

Incorrect. [juris et de jure]

I hate 343...[edit]

Quote: "guilty spark. I mean the little blue lightbulb is just so annoying. Am I right?
just thought in light of everything I would try and lighten the mood."

I have detected, assessed, and recorded what you have done here.[29]

The original post is a lampoon of the myriad anti-343 Industries threads found on the Halo Waypoint forums. Catalog's reply is a play on the "I see what you did there" meme.


  1. ^ a b Post #2976443 originally gave the date of Mantle's Approach's destruction as July 25, 2552. The post was later updated with the correct year (2557).