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Master Juridical
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The Master Juridical was a Forerunner Juridical who served as the head of the entire Juridical rate.


Following the Battle of the Capital, the survivors of the Ecumene Council were reconstituted into what was referred to as the "New Council".[1] Under the New Council, the Master Juridical ordered a Senior Juridical to meet the Haruspis and investigate a region of the Domain pertaining to the Precursors and possible crimes against the Mantle which had long been sealed away. [2]

Later, when the Master Builder Faber returned to the core of the Ecumene having rescued the Ur-Didact from the Burn, the Master Juridical personally heard both of their testimonies.[3]

When the Flood took over the Capital system, the Master Juridical, along with remaining Council members, escaped to the greater Ark. Despite the inaccessibility of the Domain, he was determined to continue the work of the Juridicals and ordered Catalog to attend all Forerunner command conferences.[4]

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