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Builder Security was a Forerunner military organization. They conducted security and combat matters for the Builder rate;[1] in many cases, they effectively served as the Master Builder's private army.[2] After the Ur-Didact went into exile for the first time, Builder Security almost entirely supplanted the Warrior-Servant rate, with most former Warrior-Servants joining their ranks after their own rate was diminished.[3] However, many former Warriors retained their loyalties to their original rate.[4]


After the exile of the Didact, many Warrior-Servants and Prometheans began to enlist in Builder Security, greatly reducing the Warrior-Servants' prominence as a rate and diminishing their influence.[3] Many of the Warrior-Servants from Nomdagro left the planet to join Builder Security.[5]

As the Librarian was transporting individuals from each species in the galaxy to the Arks, as a part of the Conservation Measure, Builder Security was responsible for escorting.[6] After Faber tested out Installation 07 on Charum Hakkor, the Primordial escaped captivity. Builder Security recaptured the being and transported it to the installation.[7] When the Librarian and Builder Security came to Janjur Qom to collect San'Shyuum individuals, the San'Shyuum correctly surmised that the Librarian's visit could only mean that their lives were in jeopardy and began to rebel. Builder Security used hundreds of Diversion-class war machines and seekers against the San'Shyuum rebels.[8] During the battle, Builder Security captured the Didact.[9] A Builder Security fleet descended on the planet to destroy San'Shyuum defenses and cities. Soon, the Master Builder Faber used Installation 07 to suppress the rebellion on Janjur Qom.[10] Viewing this act as contrary to the Mantle, the Lifeworkers and Warrior-Servants on the installation began to rebel against the Builders and a battle between the Lifeworkers, Builder Security, and the installation's subverted AI began.[11]

During the Battle of the Capital, Faber and high-ranking members of Builder Security fled the Capital system in six fast frigates. Before the frigates could leave the system, Faber and his security killed all crew aboard the frigates.[12] After the Battle of the Capital, many believed that Faber had been killed. However, he was fighting against the Flood for many years with Builder Security and disgraced Warrior-Servants in isolated regions of the ecumene. The Builder Security had formed a makeshift fleet of damaged vessels for Faber to lead. After coming across the Ur-Didact on a damaged Forerunner cruiser, Faber, along with his Builder Security and Warrior-Servant forces, returned to the center of the ecumene with the Didact.[13]

In the final years of the war, the IsoDidact went on to assume command of Orion complex Defense Operations, leading combined forces reconstituted from both Warrior-Servants and Builder Security.[14] During the Battle of the greater Ark, remaining Builder Security commanders, the IsoDidact, and Faber met in the chambers of the greater Ark's Cartographer. The IsoDidact and Faber took command of the Builder Security forces during the battle.[15] Builder Security was in charge of the greater Ark's operations during the battle. The battle ended with the deaths of most of Builder Security and its commanders.[16] It is likely that Builder Security was dissolved after the firing of the Halo Array.


Builder Security was under the command of Master Builder Faber and often served as his personal military force. Originally, Builder Security only consisted of Forerunners that were a part of the Builder rate. However, Warrior-Servants that abandoned their rate began to enlist in Builder Security after the first exile of the Ur-Didact. The Master Builder would occasionally have dissenting voices removed by his loyal Builder Security forces.[17] The father of Maker-of-Moons, for example, was executed by Builder Security for intervening at the trial of his daughter.[12]


Builder Security consisted of Forerunner Builders and eventually disgraced Warrior-Servants:


Builder Security was a full-fledged military force with formidable equipment, including seeker combat craft.[18] They used hundreds of Dignity-class escorts and Preservation-class escorts to their own fleet, typically to protect high-ranking individuals or larger vessels. Builder Security also used Diversion-class war machines.[8] When Builder Security took part in defense of large-scale evacuations of Forerunner planets, they often made use of the Z-180 Close Combat Rifle in close quarter combat against the Flood.[19] During the final years of the Forerunner-Flood war, Master Builder Faber recommissioned the production of armiger constructs to support the ranks of Builder Security forces.[20][21]

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