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This article is about the Forerunner planet. For the Mjolnir variant, see NOMDAGRO-class Mjolnir.


Far Nomdagro








Nomdagro was a Forerunner-colonized planet in the Far Nomdagro system.[3] A world mainly populated by Warrior-Servants, it was home to the Didact's and the Librarian's family residence.[4] The planet's skies were dominated by a nebular complex home to many newborn stars.[5] Around 98,445 BCE, when the Didact went into his first Cryptum, the nebula was alight for several days with the light of a nearby hundred-year-old supernova. The only indigenous species to the planet was a silicon worm that went into extinction long before the planet was settled.[1]


Nomdagro had one Precursor structure left on the planet at least half a billion years ago by the Precursors.

Nomdagro was originally home to a million Warrior-Servants. However, with the diminishing of their rate, many left the planet upon joining the Builder rate and becoming part of Builder Security. The Didact and the Librarian had an estate on this planet; this was the last place she saw him before he went into his first exile in a Cryptum circa 98,445 BCE.[2]

Around 97,445 BCE, the Forerunners on the planet quickly abandoned it when they learned of a possible approaching Flood infestation. In an attempt to make Nomdagro look abandoned and spare it from the Flood, they planned to super-cool and power down the planet. Before this, the Ur-Didact, the IsoDidact and the Librarian held a reunion on the planet, before being forced to flee due to an approaching Flood fleet, accompanied by Precursor star roads. The Flood quickly overran Nomdagro by deploying millions of dispersal pods in its atmosphere, many landing in the oceans and on the ground with others breaking up in midair. As the Flood spores overwhelmed the atmosphere, spore mountains sprang up within moments, beginning the conversion of the planet into a Flood hive.[4]

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