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Halo: Epitaph
Cover art for the book.


Kelly Gay[1]

Cover artist(s):

Chris McGrath[2]


Simon & Schuster

Publication date:

February 27, 2024[3][4]

Media type:



352 pages[4]




"The Didact returns..."
Alex Wakeford announcing the novel.[5]

Halo: Epitaph is an upcoming Halo novel by long-time series writer, Kelly Gay,[1] which was originally set to release in late 2023 before being pushed back to February 27, 2024, after being originally pushed to January 2, 2024.[3][4] The book was formally announced during the Canon Fodder live event at the Halo World Championship on October 21, 2022, in a panel focusing on the discussion of how Halo multiplayer maps fit into canon. Appropriately, the novel's name is a reference to the Halo 3 multiplayer map Epitaph.[5]

Halo: Epitaph will feature the continuation of the story of the Ur-Didact and is set after Halo: Escalation's The Next 72 Hours arc from 2013 during which he is composed following a conflict with John-117 and the rest of Blue Team.[5][6][7]

The Didact's Halo 4 voice actor, Keith Szarabajka, will narrate the audiobook for Epitaph.[8]

Official summary[edit]

Stripped of armor, might, and memory, the Forerunner warrior known as the Didact was torn from the physical world following his destructive confrontation with the Master Chief and sent reeling into the mysterious depths of a seemingly endless desert wasteland. This once powerful and terrifying figure is now a shadow of his former self—gaunt, broken, desiccated, and alone. But this wasteland is not as barren as it seems. A blue light glints from a thin spire in the far distance…

Thus begins the Didact’s great journey—the final fate of one of the galaxy’s most enigmatic and pivotal figures.[9]

Plot summary[edit]

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